Motorcyle Tours To Mexico

April 16, 2014
Michael Ryan

Driving to Mexico
One of the simplest ways to travel through Mexico is by motorcycle.  The most stunning areas are often not accessible with a motor vehicle, but on a motorcycle you can traverse almost any terrain and take all those little paths to the areas where there are fewer tourists.  By opting to travel via motorcycle, you may experience an unforgettable trip.

To ensure that you experience the beauty of Mexico on your motorcycle, you should make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in place before you set off.  If you intend traveling with your own motorcycle, you need to have proof that you are the owner of the bike.  It is also vital that you obtain Mexican motorcycle insurance.

This will not only offer you peace of mind whilst traveling through Mexico.  Even if you have adequate motorcycle coverage in America or Canada, you need to obtain a Mexican insurance policy to claim if you are involved in an accident.  It may be less costly to obtain an insurance policy with basic liability coverage, but you should consider obtaining a comprehensive policy.  It offers you more and you will know that, if the accident is your fault, you will be covered completely.  The coverage applies not only to your motorcycle, but damage to any third party property as well.  You will also have coverage if your bike is stolen or damaged outside of a road accident.

If you are going to rent a motorcycle upon your arrival in Mexico, you are not exempt from obtaining a Mexican insurance policy.  You need to show proof of Mexican insurance for all vehicles inside Mexico, including rental motor vehicles and motorcycles.  You may feel that you will not lose anything if the bike is damaged, however, you will still be held liable for the replacement or repair of the bike.  So, if you do not have adequate insurance coverage, you may find yourself in a legal and financial jam.  You may also face jail time whilst in a foreign country.

As soon as you start planning your trip, it is recommended that you also do some inquiries into Mexican motorcycle insurance.  There are several options available.  The level of coverage you opt for depends on many factors, such as budget, but it is normally best to obtain the widest coverage possible.  This will ensure that you do not face any legal or jail time issues if you are involved in a motorcycle accident.

You should start your search for Mexican insurance by doing an online comparison.  You can obtain instant quotes online, such as the one offered here,  and play around with the range of options available.  It is possible for you to obtain Mexican insurance at the border, but this is not recommended.  The costs of insurance at the border are normally way higher than obtaining it online.  This is simply because you have no choice but to purchase from those providers, so they can charge you any price.There are several online Mexican insurance providers which will allow you to find the options that best suits your pocket and needs.

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Ashely Hammock

Acquiring Mexican insurance is a primary concern for travelers which comes handy when some unfortunate hazard occurs during the road trip.

Laverne Bedford

As you drive through US on your adventure travel down south to Mexico, know that the end of your insurance cover is at the Mexican border. From there on you are on a new territory that requires a new pass – Mexican insurance cover.

Delfina Mccain

The best way to zoom the landscape and terrain of Celaya is to drive. However, make sure that your car is insured. Also, watch out your stomach. You could overindulge in taking cajeta.

Gaylord Mcchristian

Don’t forget to buy Mexican insurance online; you will get discouraged when you buy it at the border. It’s a lot more expensive.

Latrina Anwar

Capturing Mexico using a mobile phone or digital camera is a nice way to show off the country’s unique landscape and culture. That’s how beautiful Mexico is!

Jazmin Small

If you need some adjustments on your Mexican insurance, you can either: 1) amend by logging in to your account, or buy an additional insurance online.

Eric Sasaki

Mexico will never accept liability coverage from other countries. Only Mexican insurance coverage is valid once you enter Mexico.

Linden Gray

This is correct.

Laureen Mcclellan

New riders always ask some sort of advice about motorcycle riding. This could mean taking a training course that’s affordable.

Nina Ricci

Compare three to four quotes online. The purpose is to save a little bit. There are actually similar coverage and policies but with differences in price.

Brock Lanham

Underdeveloped areas can potentially cause road accidents. Be more watchful and cautious as accidents can happen out of the blue. Always keep a copy of Mexican insurance certificate wherever your wheels lead you.

Linden Gray

Having a physical copy is best by far. Better not to rely on your phone as the only way to access coverage. To many variables.

Gino Bosworth

With exceptional customer service, Mexican Insurance Store allows you to enjoy traveling with confidence and also peace of mind.

Lucien Maginnis

You will find yourself fortunate enough if you get into trouble by having Mexican auto insurance.


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