How Much Does Mexican Insurance Cost?

April 12, 2017
Michael Ryan

Driving to MexicoMany U.S. citizens believe that their current policy will cover a loss incurred in Mexico.  Well, despite the fact that there are a couple of insurers who cover up to a stated number of miles across U.S. border this is not usually the case. And to avoid assumptions of being covered, it is important to carefully check the guidelines of one’s policy. In case coverage is not provided, then it is necessary to purchase a Mexican insurance policy so as to protect against any unanticipated losses incurred during the travel duration.

When planning to drive your car south of the border, you should ensure that you have Mexican car insurance policy as required by the Mexican law to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities..

But you may ask: how much does Mexican insurance cost?

Mexican Insurance Cost

Well, the cost of car coverage for individuals planning to drive into Mexico can vary by reason of many factors which can affect the price. It is advisable to ensure that you obtain a quote before leaving for Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance is dictated by your individual circumstances for instance, the value of your car, the limits of liability you select, and the duration of your stay in Mexico. As each case is unique, the easiest way that you can find out your cost is to get a quote. Fortunately, it takes only a few minutes to get a quote online.

Mexican car insurance policies usually come in daily, weekly, semi-annually, or annually priced packages.  The majority of policies are written on a daily rate.  But as a matter of fact, a daily package may finally end up costing the same amount as a six-month package. But this depends on the length of your stay.  However, generally a Mexican car insurance policy is not all that costly when compared to the U.S. insurance.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Mexican Auto Insurance

There are a number of factors used by insurers in order to determine how much they will charge for coverage in Mexico. They include the following:

  • How long you plan to stay in Mexico
  • Which part of Mexico you intend to travel to
  • The year, make, plus model of your vehicle
  • The value of your vehicle
  • If you will be hauling anything, for example a trailer
  • Driver details plus driving record
  • The preferred coverage

Saving Money in Mexican Insurance What a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy Covers

Unlike the wider coverage of a regular American auto policy, a Mexican tourist automobile policy is actually a Named Peril policy. In other words, whatever is specifically termed as covered is strictly all that is covered – period; nothing more or less than that.

There are 5 basic risks to the normal Mexican tourist car insurance. They include:

  • Collision, Upset, and Glass Breakage
  • Bodily (physical) Injury Liability
  • Medical Expenses
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Fire and Total Theft

This is just the same criteria used by insurance companies when procuring policies in the U.S.A. The only difference is that the duration of stay may be used in modifying the term of the policy.  Generally, the longer an individual will be in Mexico, the higher the premium will actually be. But a person can buy annual policies at a discount.

The destination is taken into consideration due to factors like congestion plus crime rate, which may escalate the probability of a loss. Also, vehicle details can affect the rate the same way it would in the U.S.A. as there are particular models which have the tendency of being stolen more often than others and also have a higher risk of theft. The rate may be affected by the type of coverage preferred as it will have additional benefits to the holder of the policy in the event of a loss.

How to Buy Mexican Car Insurance

When it comes to buying Mexican car insurance, there are two options: you can purchase the same way you buy car insurance online through a reliable company – which is the best way to do it.  The second option is to buy it at the border, which is not a good option. Normally, the cost of these policies at the border is several times more, even as much as 69%. But generally, there isn’t much difference between a Mexican car insurance policy and an American one.

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Marquitta Najarro

It’s easy to drive without Mexico insurance. But there’s a cost of it if you encounter accident and you’re caught by the authorities.

Norton Simon

It’s also easy to drive in the US without insurance. But there’s a steep cost if you have an accident and you’re caught by the authorities.

Linden Gray

Going without Mexico car insurance is risky because they will detain you until the bill is paid, even if its tens of thousands of dollars.

Un Hornbeck

Update your Mexican insurance for a holiday break. Unwind at the surf house and spend time relaxing on the patio with a hammock. From there, you can relax in the pool while gazing at the great ocean.

Chantel Perl

If Baja is the reason to buy Mexico insurance then Mexican Insurance Store is a great choice for insuring your car. They are the real experts!

Kristle Wright

The bilingual support of Mexico insurance for travelers is available via their hotline for any emergency concerns and unanticipated health issues.

Harris Dishner

If you will only spend a day in Mexico and expect to enter and leave on the same date, you can manage with a one-day policy, which you can do using your smartphone.

Jacqui Allender

Driving a foreign-plated car can give you problems. Not if you have Mexican insurance for Phoenix. Enroll your vehicle now!

Alisha Biery

Many accidents are caused by flash floods and rains. While your Mexican insurance exists, it’s not a guarantee to have an accident-free driving.

Bradley Pannone

Turning off the car’s air condition can reduce the pressure on your engine and will get it regulated. For more security, always make sure you’re travelling with your Mexican insurance.

Derick Clingan

As travelers, chances are you’re the targeted victim of pickpockets. So practice over-all safety driving precautions.

Kelsi Seefeldt

The fastest way to get your car insured is through this website. Mexican Insurance Store offers reasonable rates so affordable to the people.

Shana Maner

Buying Mexico auto insurance doesn’t need to be expensive. There are offers like budget insurance so you’ll see Mexico without spending too much.

Chanda Harter

Your Mexico protection starts with car insurance coverage. However, paying at the border is not good advice. Why? It’s more expensive and you lack more coverage options.

Linden Gray

You are kind of captive at the border. Its take it or leave it, and the fees at the border can be far more than online for the exact same or far less coverage.

Norbert Beane

When you’re trapped by an accident and you have no coverage, your next destination is jail. That’s why it’s important to have Mexican car insurance while driving.

Madison Sinner

If you are looking for flexibility on the various days you drive to Mexico, it’s advisable to consider a 6-month Mexico insurance policy.

Lakia Chirico

Stay calm and be relaxed when driving. If you have Mexican auto insurance, you’re driving safely and that adds peace to your mind.

Yer Escobedo

Mexican car insurance companies must be capable of giving better care for the ones who got involved in an accident.

Bebe Cummins

The Mexico auto insurance company that you must get should be of high quality in services and complete reliability.


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