Problems Faced When Driving In Mexico

April 02, 2014
Michael Ryan


There are several insurance and legal issues visiting drivers may face in Mexico.  If you intend visiting Mexico, you should be aware of the potential issues you may have to deal with. The main problem drivers to Mexico face are those associated with Mexican auto insurance.

Car Insurance

The auto insurance you hold from America and Canada is not valid in Mexico.  This is often a problem for motorists to Mexico as they often forget to obtain Mexican insurance because they know they have auto insurance, albeit US insurance.The best option is to do research online for the most suitable Mexican car insurance.  It is possible to buy the insurance at the border, but it will cost you much more than buying online at this URL.  This is simply related to the fact that you will have no choice but to pay the price they charge you as it is illegal to enter Mexico without suitable insurance.

You will have the choice of either liability only or comprehensive insurance.  It is recommended that you opt for comprehensive coverage as this will offer you the peace of mind that you are covered for any eventuality.  If you are involved in an accident, the Mexican authorities will require proof of your insurance, so you should print a copy of the policy and make sure you have it with you.

Emergency Medical Assistance

You need to make sure that you have emergency medical assistance cover while you are traveling in Mexico.  Not all US health insurance coverage is valid in Mexico.  If you hold US health insurance, you should confirm coverage in Mexico with your provider before you go on your trip.

Emergency Medical Assistance in Rural Areas

If you obtain cover for emergency medical assistance, you should read the fine print of the contract.  Many of the contracts only offer cover in the major Mexican cities.  This means that if you need the service while you are traveling in the rural areas, you may not have coverage.
Limits To Insurance
This is another section of your policy that is normally found in the fine print.  Most of the available policies offer a low monetary limit and often do not include pre-existing conditions.  If you need to be evacuated by air or land it can become quite an expensive exercise, but many of the policies do not include this in the policy.  The average cost for evacuation could be as high as $100000.

Coverage for Traveling Companions

You should ensure that you obtain coverage for the entire traveling party.  Before you pay for the policy, you should ask if there are restrictions to the number of people that is covered.

  • When you purchase your travel insurance, including Mexican auto insurance, there are a few points you should clarify.
  • Is emergency medical assistance valid in all the cities, including the rural areas of Mexico?
  • Is emergency medical and travel assistance valid for all the members in your party?
  • What are the limits allowed for emergency medical and travel assistance?
  • Does the policy include legal assistance and bail bond?


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Yuri Brinkley

Prior purchase of Mexican auto insurance online is the best way to prepare yourself to self-drive to Mexico without being disadvantaged by the last minute rush to queue at the border points for your insurance.

Sondra Pfeifer

There are times when smog and fog can blend to make some places in Mexico city a daunting task for those with poor visibility to navigate through. It is at such a moment that you minimize your risks to accident liability. Purchase Mexico insurance and be assured of liability coverage.

Rima Sisco

Travel advisories get issued the world over. What is important is to keep informed of where to avoid and where to go. I have gone to Mexico 7 times and I always ensure that I get updated on travel advisories to make an informed trip.

Noel Carrion

If you got a flat tire, have no gas, or in a mechanical trouble, your Mexican insurance will help fix your problems. Call them up immediately for assistance to put you back on driving.

Cris Tiedeman

Car owners are individually required to show their proof of insurance—Mexican insurance. This is badly needed in case of a road accident—whether it’s your fault or not.

Beatris Empey

If you have not tasted elote, I suggest you go to Mexico using your vehicle. I’m pretty sure you’ll love this Mexican delicacy. Make sure to get an auto Mexican insurance.

Lucrecia Masser

Several Canadians prefer to go on a holiday in Mexico to avoid winter. For safety reasons, particularly during emergencies, obtain Mexican insurance!

Judy Stenzel

You can arrange for towing or other support services via your Mexico insurance for Phoenix Arizona residents, as well as legal assistance for serious accidents.

Olympia Zimmermann

Your Mexico insurance policy is a necessity even if you’re driving to the border for a taste of Mexican tacos.

Arturo Dagenhart

Mexico requires tourists to have a Mexico insurance coverage so better get one online to avoid any legal complications when faced with road accidents.

Antony Lasky

Researching online can save you hundreds of dollars when choosing Mexican insurance. A little time can give you a less expensive policy with much more coverage; just be patient when comparing quotes.

Linden Gray

Online Mexico insurance is less expensive because the fees are much lower and you have more time to tailor a policy to your needs.

Delena Wiest

Shopping can start from purchasing inexpensive stuff to costly stuff. That’s the reason why Mexico has been the number one favorite city of travelers. They’ve got tons of stuff to buy.

Georgann Quach

An engine that works too hot during summer will destroy the car and threaten your road safety. Don’t wait this to happen, though.

Josephina Carver

Worse, your car can suddenly breakdown because of overheating while driving in the middle of the highway. Extra caution is important and long patience as well.

Karole Toto

Being sent in the jail during your Mexico vacation isn’t a good idea of a perfect break.

Therese Cuffee

I have no plan to drive in Mexico unless I have bought Mexican car insurance. It’s more than a gate pass for me to enter the border.

Sina Dempsey

Police can perform a roadside inspection to reduce accidents on the road. Have your Mexico car insurance close by.

Lala Judson

No Mexican car insurance would mean no border entry. The basic thing to do when driving to Mexico is to purchase your own Mexican auto insurance.


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