Visit Puerto Vallarta Mexico For The Most Stunning Beaches

October 16, 2014
Michael Ryan
Sunset at Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Sunset

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific coast in the northwestern corner of Jalisco.  It rings the Bay of Flags, which is known as the largest natural bay in Mexico.  This area is extremely popular for its beaches and many cruise ships make a call here.

The area was previously inhabited by several indigenous groups, but mostly by the Huicholes.  The Spaniards arrived in the area during 1524.  The bay received its name of Bay of Flags due to the welcome the Spanish received by indigenous people waving flags.  However, it was much later when the area became more populated.  Its popularity grew to the point where it was used during the filming of ‘Night of the Iguana’ in 1964, starring Richard Burton.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor fell in love with the area and bought a residence there.  This sparked the attention of other celebrities and afforded popularity for Puerto Vallarta.  It became necessary for the infrastructure to be improved to cope with the influx of tourists, however, the town has managed to retain its charm and the natural beauty of the bay.

The Beaches of Puerto Vallarta

The beaches may be the main attraction in the area, but there are many other activities to participate in.  You can take a boat trip to the Islas Marietas and enjoy the beauty of the surrounds.  A collection of sculptures can be viewed on a casual stroll along the Malecon.  There are often buskers who gather here during the evening to offer entertainment to the visitors.

Puerto Vallarta has a reputation as being one of the best dining destinations in Mexico.  It hosts an annual gourmet festival and has a wide range of available restaurants.

Puerto Vallarta

Aerial View of Puerto Vallarta

Traveling By Car

It is best to travel to the area by car as this allows you to take the time to view the surrounding area as well.  Before you set off on your dream trip to enjoy the beautiful beaches in the area, you should ensure that you have valid Mexican car insurance.  It is quite simple to obtain this type of insurance online or at the border.  Buying insurance at the border is not recommended, however, as you will not be able to obtain the best coverage.  It may also cost you much more than you would pay online. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy at this MexinsuranceStore link.

There are a few factors you should consider prior to doing your online search.  You should determine the value of your vehicle as this will help you make decisions regarding the type of deductible you wish to choose and whether you should opt for comprehensive or liability only coverage.

Mexican auto insurance is a legal requirement if you wish to drive into Mexico.  If you are involved in a vehicle accident and you do not hold valid insurance, you could be detained in a jail cell until the authorities have determined blame for the accident.

Due to this, it is advisable to include legal services in your policy.  This will ensure that you receive the best legal, bail and court assistance.

Aside from having valid identification, such as your passport, you should consider Mexican vehicle insurance as the most important piece of paper to carry around with you.

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Glynda Gale

I like carrying my ATV during my tour excursions into Mexico. It is easier to pack and move to various locations in the desert. Be cautious about snakes though. To be safe, have Mexican insurance for your ATV.

Linden Gray

Liability insurance for ATV’s covers you as you drive on conventional roads. Full coverage protects against theft or collision on conventional roads.

Marcelino Rosario

Enjoying the salty breeze off the coastal waters is my favorite time. Mexican beaches are unique due to the marine life, unique culture and magnificent landscape. Whenever Mexico beckons, I always go for online Mexican insurance for my RV and drive down south.

Lera Counce

We know that US and Mexico differ in some legal systems. With that, there are also differences when it comes to policies and coverage on Mexican insurance.

Armando Sumlin

You can choose this website in buying Mexican insurance. Customer service is definitely a plus factor in handing their clients.

Fannie Towner

Mexico insurance for San Diego gets your car covered even if you park it in the country between trips.

Cheryll Earnest

We never had any experience celebrating New Year in Mexico. But there are I think many similarities the way new year is celebrated in US and other outside countries.

Kizzie Burdett

Popular beach destinations in Mexico have many visitors. They have hot summers that are really hot but can also be humid. Typically, that’s Mexico.

Mauro Carnley

Even though New Year is celebrated differently, having fun is the main essence. Mexico is a festive country where you can have fun with your family and friends, especially during holidays.

Nakesha Primavera

If you want to have a foodie trip with your foodie buddies, just try to reach Puerto Nuevo. This destination is just hours away!

Desire Greeson

It’s compulsory to have Mexican auto insurance when heading to Mexico. Choose a coverage sufficient enough for settling damages done to a third party.

Pasty Schaeffer

That’s right, Sonora and Baja California and the neighboring places of Rocky Point are good areas to head off-road traveling.


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