Retain Proof Of Your Mexican Car Insurance Policy

April 11, 2014
Michael Ryan

Driving with Mexican Insurance

You deserve to enjoy your holiday to Mexico without the worry of insurance in the back of your mind constantly.  This means that you should ensure that you have all the necessary paperwork when you leave home for your Mexican holiday.

Mexico is not a part of the U.S, so you know that you need your passport and all those other documents you normally carry with you when you travel to a foreign country.  However, one of the documents you generally do not take with you to a foreign country is proof of car insurance.  Mexico does not recognize American or Canadian auto insurance.  You need to obtain Mexican car insurance before you leave home.

Buy Online

It is possible for you to buy car insurance at the border, but this will cost you considerably more than buying it online.  It is also easier to buy it online because you do not have to leave home to do so.

It will take you a couple of minutes to find providers of Mexican  insurance.  You can either review several sites that offer the insurance to allow you to make a comparison, or, if you have previously bought insurance, go to the same provider’s website.
An important factor of buying car insurance online is that you are comfortable with the type of policy you obtain.  You can go for liability only as this is the minimum car insurance you require for your trip to Mexico, or you can go for the safer option of full coverage.  You do not know when you will be involved in a vehicle accident and what the consequences of the event will be.  At least you know that if you have full coverage, you are covered for any possible event.


It is advisable for you to print a copy of your policy after you have purchased it.  You should print both an English and Spanish version of the policy.  You may be stopped by a Mexican traffic police member who is not fluent in English.  If you offer him or her a Spanish version, it will make it easier to check and you could be on your way in a short space of time.

It is also a good idea for you to email a copy of the policy to your personal email account.  This will allow you to print a copy while you are in Mexico in the event that you lose the copies you take with you.  You should place the printed copies in different places.  You could, for example, put a copy into your suitcase, one in your handbag or wallet and another in your glove compartment.

This is the only method you have to prove that you have suitable coverage for your vehicle and that of third parties.  The Mexican authorities have no other method of checking on the validity of your insurance.  They cannot put your name into a computer and come up with the details.  So, to save a lot of potential problems and maybe spending a few hours in jail, remember to carry proof of your Mexican car insurance with you at all times during your trip to Mexico.

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Analisa Vonderheide

Availing better packages from Mexican insurance allows you to make the best out of it, without any fear of car theft or getting into any illegal activity.

Graciela Mcpherson

Taking online Mexican Insurance cover is the most convenient and ideal thing to do. You can easily get it within the comfort of your house, hotel or even your car! All you need is internet connection and a printer.

Danita Barnard

No matter how cheap a quote could be, never get swayed by it to overlook the reputation of the insurance provider. Mexican Insurance Store has been around a long time.

Rebekah Costello

I have received good service from one of the customer service representatives. I feel satisfied for addressing my needs quite easily. With that, I was convinced to buy my car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store. Services are superb!


You should place the printed copies in 2 different places. You could, for example, put a copy into your suitcase, one in your handbag or wallet and another in your glove compartment.

Noemi Bonilla

There are tons of insurance brokers to pick from. Mexican Insurance Store is certainly helpful and anyone can get covered as quickly as possible. It’s recommended to choose the coverage that matches your insurance needs.

Tamekia Straus

Usually, reunions are for adults only. However, with family reunion, children are a significant part for the overall celebration. So it’s good to also plan for child-friendly activities.

Eleonore Poss

During rainy season, it’s practical to always check the day’s weather condition, in addition to inspecting your car and its parts.

Branden Rubenstein

Driving an RV on your way to Mexico exposes you to high and strong winds. Don’t dare to continue. Stop and stay in a hotel or inn!

Bari Geibel

The desert areas of Baja and other rural areas can have an extensive amount of smoke. Call 911 immediately if help is badly needed.

Edris Jepsen

Nothing can be smarter in driving than having a protection that comes from buying Mexican insurance.

Margart Paris

All Mexican auto insurance policies should be bought from legitimate brokers. Therefore, it’s important that you understand which car insurance provider endorses the policy purchased from the broker.

Madonna Kindel

Get Mexican car insurance. More accidents happen when there’s bad weather.

Margaret Coley

Consider buying an annual or 6-month Mexico auto insurance. You can appreciate the flexibility on the date you want to drive your car in Mexico.

Mechelle Tacey

You can ask your car insurance company before traveling to Mexico. They can inform you about the best highway conditions worth traveling.


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