Returning To The U.S. From Mexico

October 21, 2014
Michael Ryan
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US Passport

The same way as there is certain documentation requirements when you enter Mexico, there are requirements to re-enter the US.  You should ensure that you have the correct documents at hand to avoid any delays at the border post.


To return to the US, you will need to have the following documents:

  • Your passport
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle you are driving
  • If the vehicle is still under a lease or loan agreement, you require authorization from the lien holder to drive the vehicle into Mexico.  You will have to produce this document again when you return
  • If the vehicle is not registered in your name, you need to produce a letter indicating that you have permission to drive the vehicle
  • Vehicle import permit
  • Mexican tourist permit
  • Receipts for any goods you purchased in Mexico

Cancellation of Vehicle Import and Tourist Permits

Once the authorities have processed some of the information contained in your Vehicle Import papers when you reach the border, they will need to inspect your vehicle.  This procedure involves checking that the vehicle’s VIN number and the number on the documents match.  The authorities will remove the vehicle import sticker which was placed on your windshield when you entered Mexico.  You should ensure that you obtain a receipt from the official as proof that you have cancelled the permission for your vehicle import.


Mexican Flag

If you do not cancel your temporary vehicle import permit at the border post, you can do so when you return home.  To do this, you need to send certain documents back to Mexico.  The documents you need to return are:

  • The original temporary vehicle import permit
  • A copy of the migratory form that was issued to you by immigration officers at the border
  • The vehicle import sticker which was placed on your windshield
  • A copy of your driver’s license.  You should write your name and address on the document and sign it
  • An original statement which is signed by the owner of the vehicle requesting that the vehicle import permit be cancelled.  In this statement, there should be a declaration as to the reason why the temporary vehicle import permit was not returned to the authorities at the border
  • A notarized letter stating and confirming that the vehicle is no longer in Mexico

As can be seen, it will be easier for you to cancel the vehicle import permit at the border, instead of trying to do it from the US or Canada.

Mexican Insurance

As Mexico has different insurance laws to the US, you would have had to purchase Mexican auto insurance prior to leaving your home country.  When you return to the US, you do not have to do anything about your insurance policy. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this link. If you purchased a long-term policy, you should ensure that you store your Mexican car insurance policy documents in a safe place until you require it for another trip to Mexico.

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Mina Speegle

Have a planned schedule when travelling in Mexico. Along the way, there are many things to see and learn about, especially beaches.

Nicolette Tony

If you’re caught up in a storm, call or contact your Mexican insurance provider. They’re more than willing to give you quick advice to get on with the road.

Warren Maez

The coverage of your Mexico auto insurance must address some possible pitfalls that are not easily avoided. So choose the right coverage that fits your insurance needs.

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Each year thousands of travelers are drawn to Mexico. Unfortunately, still many don’t realize the importance of Mexican insurance until they have an accident.

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Your Mexican auto insurance provider will tell you what makes a car overheat. They can also give advice on how to experience hassle-free driving trips.

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Purchase only the Mexican insurance policy that you need. For instance, you don’t have to pay for a long-term policy if what you need is only a short-term stay in Mexico. Makes sense, right?


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