Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico?

October 28, 2014
Michael Ryan

Driving Into MexicoMany people wonder if it is safe to travel to Mexico because there are often warnings about violence and crime along the border.  Protests, violence and crime can affect your holiday, but it is not necessary to cancel your holiday simply because the newspaper and television headlines sound nasty.

Mexico is a huge country and offers visitors a diverse culture, cuisine and interesting sites to visit.  If there are protests or violence along the US border, it does not mean that you will be affected if you visit, for example, the Riviera Maya.  If there is an earthquake in California, are the people in New York affected?

Much of the violence that sometimes occurs in Mexico is due to conflict between the authorities and the drug cartels.  As a visitor to Mexico, you are not in danger as long as you follow the recommended safety precautions and do not get involved in drug purchasing or smuggling.  Government departments in both Mexico and the US generally issue warnings when there is trouble, but you will be warned about visiting specific regions.  If you are not visiting those regions, there is no reason to cancel your holiday.

Safety Standards

Aside from protests, crime and violence, you should also bear in mind that safety standards in most parts of the world do not conform to those in Canada and the US.  You are expected to take responsibility for the safety of your family and others in your traveling party.  Examples of where you should take extra care are where there are guard rails.  These are often non-existent or lower than you would expect.  Sidewalks are also often non-existent and could be extremely dangerous to use.  Safety equipment for adventurous activities is not promoted as strictly as in some other countries.  When you choose activities you would like to do, you should decide on the level of risk you are comfortable accepting.

Mexican Insurance


You must keep in mind that the road conditions in Mexico are not the same as in the US or Canada.  Pedestrians jay-walk constantly and you may be faced with animals crossing the road, not only in rural areas, but also in some urban areas.  This makes it imperative that you remain alert while driving on Mexican roads.  Another factor you should heed is that your Canadian and US insurance will be invalid in Mexico.  This implies that you should obtain Mexican auto insurance before you enter the country.

Mexican car insurance is not difficult to obtain.  All you need do go to your favorite search engine and type in Mexican vehicle insurance.  You will get a host of results and you should compare the different options from the different providers.  Make sure that you obtain your car insurance from a reputable provider with good reviews. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this link.

You should carry a copy of your insurance policy with you while travelling through Mexico.

Before you make plans to visit Mexico, you should research the destinations that appeal to you and choose one that makes you feel at ease and catches your attention.  Mexico has a host of beautiful vacation spots that are worth the trip.

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Gricelda Weis

Wheel alignment and Wheel balancing go a long way in ensuring that you experience a safe journey down south. Though Mexico insurance is there cover your risks, don’t be negligent.

Robt Blount

Getting into a hotel or booking a house during winter time in Mexico needs extra considerations. You need to be certain that the accommodation facility has adequate HVAC system to ensure that you have a comfortable vacation. Also remember to buy Mexico insurance for your vehicle.

Cyrus Tibbetts

If you are planning to travel over long distances in Mexico, especially to unknown places, carry basic necessities with you such as drinking water, foodstuff, Spanish dictionary, mobile phone with car charger and above all, be sure to have Roadside Assistance as part of your Mexican auto insurance policy.

Elton Norfleet

What confuses many Canadians and Americans is the difference between Mexican auto insurance and that of Canada and US. While in US and Canada auto cover is based on the driver, in Mexico it is based on the vehicle. Thus, if you change your vehicle, then, you must have Mexican insurance for it.

Linden Gray

US and Canadian car insurance is not based on the driver. Its normally based on the vehicle.

Luetta Stephenson

Usually, it requires 4 or more different quotes before picking the best option. Since it won’t take you long doing it, make serious comparisons before buying. If you do it, I’m sure you’ll get the best coverage online. I am glad that I remembered to get the Mexican insurance from your website.

Carolin Peeples

If there are storms in Mexico, chances are outages and power failure may happen. It is important to take precautionary measure before, during and after the storm. One safe measure is avoiding driving on the road of Mexico. No one will be spared when storm strikes.

Ola Frawley

Just like in other countries like Canada and USA, it’s just a similar process getting a claim from Mexico insurance.

Bradford Mangini

Visiting Mexican Insurance Store online gets you the best information you need. It isn’t complicated in the first place. It’s even easier now to get insured when you go online.

Maryln Plaisance

From rocky coasts of Pacific to the hot waters of Mexico Gulf, the city of Mexico makes a huge country with everything to offer to everyone.

Keenan Friedel

Should you encounter a road accident en route to Mexico, call Mexico insurance customer service so they can arrange towing services for your vehicle.

Merlene Giuffre

To save some money and time, it’s best to consider long-term Mexican insurance. You can also get the best claims and benefits.

Bret Toma

While the town of Zacatecas is off the beaten path for travelers, it’s well-stocked with stunning boutique hotels. Elegant Mexican restaurants are also found in Zacatecas.

Doretta Water

Happily, it’s simpler, easier and less expensive to purchase Mexican insurance online. Try to compare the prices at the border to see the price difference.

Na Nair

You must have Mexican insurance either you go through a plane or drive along borders. Having coverage is important to avoid violations of the law.

Leia Langley

It’s your obligation to know the information about military checkpoints. Apparently, they do this to give quick security to travelers. One thing they might ask also is for Mexican auto insurance.

Jaymie Seibert

Driving may take longer before reaching your place. However, I like to drive, and the fun of traveling by car is way more exciting and thrilling than flying.

Marissa Mims

If you have Mexican car insurance and your own a car, I don’t see any reason to choose a plane to see Mexico. Driving a car is more fun and more comfortable in my own opinion.

Athena Glynn

Driving in a remote area requires preparation. Getting ready for off-road traveling is choosing the right time of the year to do it.

Leon Zetina

Modern technology has simplified people’s lives. Mexico insurance coverage for your protection is now easier to get. If you wish to, you can buy it on this site.

Arlette Seeley

If there’s no turning lane, avoid doing left turns along the highways of Mexico—when traffic is behind you.

Edmundo Grubb

Entering the border would mean I can come across the entire area of Mexico. I also enter into driving jurisdiction that requires Mexican auto insurance.


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