Visit The Silver Capital Of Mexico

January 21, 2015
Michael Ryan
Taxco de Alarcon

Taxco de Alarcon

Taxco de Alarcon is known as the silver capital of Mexico and is one of those delightful little colonial towns situated in the Guerrero state mountains.  It can be reached from Acapulco or Mexico City.

The history of Taxco de Alarcon is an interesting one.  It was during 1522 that the Spanish conquistadors discovered that the residents of the regions around Taxco used silver to pay tribute to the Aztecs.  This discovery resulted in their decision to usurp the region and start mining.  Don Jose de la Borda arrived in the area during the 1700s and became an extremely wealthy man purely from mining silver.  He commissioned the constructions of the Santa Prisca Church, which today forms the centerpiece of the town square.

History of the Silver Industry in Mexico

The silver industry went into decline until William Spratling arrived in the area during 1929 and opened a workshop dealing with silver.  His designs were mostly based on pre-Hispanic art and gained popularity.  He offered training to other workers in the area and many people attribute the reputation of the city as Mexico’s silver capital to this artisan.

Most tourists visit Taxco to purchase silver, but there are several other attractions within the city.  The winding streets made of cobblestones and the white houses with their red roofs make it a pretty town to visit.

A visit to the Santa Prisca church is a must if you visit the town.  A visit to the silver museum will allow you to learn about the processes used in silver crafting and give you the opportunity to observe the beautiful display items.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Taxco

The best opportunity to obtain some stunning photographs of the area is to go for a ride in the cable car which goes to Monte Taxco Hotel.  As is common in Mexico, traditional meals and drinks are available everywhere.  After a busy day of visiting all the sites and spending your money on silver, you can visit the pub placed above the Plaza de la Borda and enjoy a refreshing tequila and lime drink.

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

There are adequate hotels within the town, such as Hotel de la Borda, which is situated just outside the city and offers a stunning view of the Cathedral.  If it is a view you are after, you can visit Monte Taxco Hotel on the mountainside, which also has a very good restaurant.

Remember to Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance

A visit to this region will offer you an interesting vacation.  To ensure that you reach Taxco safely and without any problems, you should heed the rules of the road, remain alert whilst driving and purchase Mexican auto insurance before you set out on your trip.  You can obtain Mexican auto insurance online at this link or at the border.  This insurance should be on your to-do list when you plan your vacation as purchasing it in a hurry at the border could result in you having to spend much more money if you are involved in an accident.  Depending on the budget you have available for insurance, you should consider adding some of the additional options, such as legal assistance.

The town has a few festivals during the year.  There is a cultural festival during the summer and a celebration of the Feast Day of Santa Prisca during January each year.  The annual Silver Fair is held during the latter part of November and early December each year.

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