Things To Do In Cabo San Lucas

October 25, 2014
Michael Ryan
Cabo San Lucas Harbor

View of Cabo San Lucas Harbor

Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of Baja California, was once a quiet fishing village.  It has since become one of the top spots for celebrities, which brings with it the celeb seekers.  Aside from stalking celebrities, there are several other activities you can enjoy, such as snorkeling, but, above all, it is a party hive.

This does not mean that you should only go to the area to party.  The local restaurants offer superb Mexican fare and great seafood dishes.  If you are a fisherman, you may find a restaurant where the chef will grill your catch of the day for you.

If you have your own vehicle, you can escape all the tourist attractions and visit the traditional Mexican towns, deserts, mountains, or secluded beaches.

Prior to heading off for a quiet couple of weeks away from the party crowd, you should ensure that you have valid Mexican car insurance.  It is recommended that you obtain your Mexican auto insurance policy prior to reaching Mexico.  It is possible to buy it online or you can purchase it during your stop at the border post.

It is not advisable to buy it at the border post as the long queues will rush you into taking the first policy you are offered.  This may result in you having inadequate coverage and possibly spending some time in jail.  The best route is to buy it online as this will allow you to review the available policies and add-ons, and ensure that you obtain the best policy for your needs. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy at this URL.

Mexican Insurance

Some of the factors you should consider include whether you would prefer liability only or a comprehensive policy.  If you drive a vehicle worth a lot of money, you should consider opting for comprehensive coverage.  This will ensure that, should you be at fault during an accident, your damage and injuries, as well as those of others involved in the accident, will be settled.

Once you leave home for Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area, and you have your Mexican vehicle insurance policy in hand, you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Tourist Attractions in Cabo, San Lucas

Along with all the partying that you can do in Cabo San Lucas, you may want to take off a quiet day and visit the Arch, one of Cabo’s most famous natural features.  It forms part of the formation called the Three Friars, which forms the southern tip of the peninsula, Land’s End.  On one side you will be able to view the Pacific Ocean, and the other side offers you the start of the Sea of Cortez.  This area can be reached by boat, some glass-bottomed, and you will be given the unique opportunity to view the area as it must have looked a long time ago.  You should keep an eye out for sea lions and pelicans.

There are often whale watching tours available in the area.  Some of the whales go to the far north only, but there are many that pass by Cabo San Lucas.

If you would like to view a spectacular coral reef and diverse sea life, you should take a trip to Cabo Pulmo.

Regardless of your activity, you should remember to carry a copy of your Mexican car insurance with you at all times.

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Ariel Mays

Public holidays and weekends can be difficult for you to get your cover while in the interior parts of Mexico. Thanks to the online Mexican insurance that you can easily acquire you policy any time be it day or night.

Britteny Kang

Once you have had the best of El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, you can drive to Playa de Amor just to enjoy the serenity of restful oceanic waters and soothing sea breeze. Make sure you have Mexico insurance for your car so that you enjoy peace of mind as you drive.

Aretha Eckert

It’s a great advantage to be provided with free roadside assistance. I got this help from Mexican Insurance Store. Driving has never been this fast and easy.

Monte Messerly

Never over pack yourself; never get stuff more than you need. Most first-timers pack too much yet only half of their stuff is used during their vacation. Mexico insurance should be on the top list, though.

Margaretta Heckstall

Wanting to know about some wedding destinations may mean you want to literally get married in Mexico. The country is absolutely one of the most attractive picks for would-be couples.

Holley Criado

Review your Mexican insurance for tourists to avoid any serious financial issues should you encounter an accident or a driving emergency.

Teresa Cookingham

Mexico insurance is necessary for any driving holiday. It helps you with minor accidents and keeps you financially capable in such occasions. It’s worth it.

Letisha Brace

Mexico is the favourite destination city among neighboring countries. Definitely true because of its exotic beauty, great food and warm people to meet.

Alise Holford

Accident is unavoidable even when driving carefully. But there’s one thing to trust and depend on while traveling and that’s the Mexican insurance.

Malinda Devinney

For first-time drivers wanting to see Mexico, please don’t drive at night. Dark night can create more problems and difficulties along the way.

Melody Pardo

Slow down and buckle up. There are many places to visit. Take your time and enjoy every moment of exploring.

Monty Moots

Documents and policies in inquiring Mexican insurance are printed in English. It is now easier to get a copy of your policies when travelling.

Rochelle Pelfrey

Unfortunately, many travelers still don’t know that their Canadian auto insurance doesn’t cover them while driving in Mexico.

Cleo Correia

Tons of places in Mexico have big areas favorable to attractions and entertainments. This can be so much fun in the winter!

Cythia Reagan

No need to buy long-term Mexican auto insurance if you tend to stay short time in the city. A weekly coverage is good enough to get you covered and bring you protection.

Andre Luck

Even when there is a hurricane coming, anyone can count on Mexican car insurance. A hurricane can’t stop my plan to drive and visit Mexico.

Jesse Tatum

La Paz in Mexico is hot especially this summer, but try to beat the heat with the stunning beaches around Mexico. Beaches alone can make people really enjoy the heat of the sun.


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