Things To Do Before Travelling To Mexico By RV

January 07, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

The number of resorts and hotels has increased dramatically in Rocky Point, but if you love travelling in your RV, you can be sure to find comfortable RV resorts on the beach.  Not only is this a much cheaper option than a hotel, but you will also have your own belongings with you and you can come and go at will.

To ensure that you enjoy your RV trip to Mexico, you should plan well in advance.  This will allow you to obtain a site that suits you and enjoy your trip in comfort.

Book a Space

Although the chances are slim that you will not be able to find a suitable spot, it is best to book your space in advance.  This will ensure that you obtain one of the sites you want.  The waterfront sites are often limited, and without a reservation, you may not be able to obtain one.


Even if you are a seasoned traveler to the region, you should ask for directions and road conditions when you make your booking.  You should also check on potential road repairs and restrictions closer to your time of departure.  Most RV parks offer their visitors maps and suggestions about events in the area, as well as information on stores and access to particular towns.



What you can take with you

You should check what you are allowed to take into Mexico with you.  There are distinct rules and regulations regarding entry of foodstuffs and pets into the country.  By ascertaining what is allowed prior to your trip, you can avoid unnecessary delays at the customs points.  You should keep in mind that traveling by RV is the same as traveling by car as far as rules and regulations are concerned.  You can check this type of information online, prior to your trip.

Mexican Auto Insurance

This is often an aspect that many drivers ignore as they assume that they are already insured in the US or Canada, and have no need for further insurance.  Your current car insurance policy will be considered invalid in Mexico.  If you intend using the roads in Mexico, you need to purchase adequate Mexican auto insurance for the specific state you wish to enter.

Mexican auto insurance can be purchased online or at the border.  It is advisable to purchase it online as you will be offered a greater choice, including add-ons, such as bail bond assistance and legal assistance.  You should ensure that you purchase from a reputable provider. Once you have paid for your policy, you will have the opportunity to print a copy immediately.You can click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy.  It would be in your best interest to print English, as well as a Spanish version of the policy.  This will come in handy in the event you are stopped by a traffic officer who is unable to communicate in English.

Keep the number for roadside assistance and your Mexican vehicle insurance at hand at all times.  The roads in Mexico are not always as well maintained as in the US and this could result in accidents or damage to your vehicle.  To avoid this, you should avoid traveling at night and heed the rules of the road.

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Rickie Talbert

Pick a good insurance provider before driving to Mexico. Compare the policy with other insurance companies and you can get the right one for you. If you buy online, it will be incredibly easy. Just take time to compare the price and coverage before buying. Mexican insurance is the best for me!

Takisha Slagle

Buying Mexican insurance is very easy now. Getting quotes and comparing prices and benefits won’t take me long hours. It’s very convenient doing this thing online. Customer service is really satisfying.

Susy Donnelly

Buying Mexican insurance is very easy now. Getting quotes and comparing prices and benefits won’t take me long hours. It’s very convenient doing this thing online. Customer service is really satisfying.

Chong Mireles

When it comes to protection, Mexican auto insurance is the most important thing car owners and drivers must have. I’ve got mine when I searched online. Great! I found the right policy I need. Price is low but the coverage is really good. It meets my needs.

Manual Hickman

If you are preparing for travel to Baja, Mexico, ensure that your vehicle is all set for the trip. Do it well before leaving, and don’t forget your Mexican insurance.

Catharine Longoria

If you want more options for coverage, value and choices, choosing the long-term Mexican insurance is most helpful. This one’s best for you if you are a frequent traveller to Mexico.

Vivan Schumann

Mexico’s Independence Day is September 16. Remember to comply with the country’s road safety and traffic rules and get protected with Mexican vehicle insurance.

Darla Melendrez

Be a responsible ATV driver! Get your vehicle covered and ensure it includes damage not only to your vehicle but the other vehicles, too.

Merrie Job

Plan your trip before you go ahead. For sure, you don’t want your trip to be ruined because of some unplanned moments.

Yukiko Englund

Driving back to Mexico? Consider some precautions when thinking about family trip and adventures. Plan carefully for things to turn out right.

Sharla Kane

If you know how long you’ll be staying in Mexico, chances are you know better what to buy for your coverage. It’s important to know it before you start paying.

Dorla Hauser

Be careful how you dress up yourself. Tourists are usually seen wearing shorts and flip-flops. Be conscious how you appear in public.


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