Basic Tips For Buying Mexican Auto Insurance

December 10, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexican InsuranceWhen you make the decision to go to Mexico for your vacation, obtaining Mexican auto insurance should be one of the priorities on your list of things to do.  No-one wants to consider that they may be involved in a car accident whilst on holiday, but worse than that would be if you ended up in jail with insufficient car insurance.

Many people rush through the process of obtaining Mexican car insurance, hence they do not find the most suitable policy for their needs.  In fact, many visitors to Mexico choose to buy this policy at the border before they enter Mexico.  This attitude to this type of insurance could result in you simply buying a policy without knowing what it contains.  It is only once you are involved in an accident that you will realize the limitations of the coverage you purchased.

Buying a Policy

You can obtain Mexican vehicle insurance online and there are several online providers.  This allows you to obtain instant quotes from a range of providers, and to compare what you are being offered.  Once you have made the decision on the best policy for your particular needs, you will have the opportunity to pay for it and print it immediately.  It is a fairly simple process, however, you should ensure that you choose the correct options. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this URL.


Most Mexican insurance policies offer two types of deductibles.  The theft deductible will be based on the value of your vehicle, with the most common being 5% of the value of the vehicle.  If you drive a high-value vehicle which will make this amount higher, you may want to consider products that offer a fixed deductible.  This means that the deductible will be fixed, regardless of your vehicle’s value.

The same applies to physical damage deductibles in that it is dependent on the value of your vehicle, with a minimum applicable amount.  In this case, you may also want to consider a fixed deductible if the value of your vehicle is high.

Mexican Travel


If you or anyone in your party has experienced injury during the accident, you may want to be returned to a hospital in the US.  This should prompt you to check if your policy includes medical evacuation and airplane tickets to get back home.  If you would like to add this additional facility, you should ensure that it is definitely included in your policy because not all insurance providers offer this add-on.

Legal Aid

This is another additional service that may not be offered by all insurance providers.  If you are involved in an accident and other parties have suffered injury or damage, you may need legal advice to help you through the process.  If you do not have this included in your policy, you may find yourself spending a few days in jail whilst the investigation of the accident is completed, and blame is established.


There are some insurance providers that stipulate your vehicle should be repaired within Mexico.  This means that you may be stuck in Mexico for a while, even if the damage is only cosmetic.  If you are allowed to have the repairs done in the US, you should confirm the rate that the company will pay.

There are many other considerations to make when buying Mexican auto insurance, but these basics should allow you to obtain adequate coverage.

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Latrisha Okeefe

Roads in Mexico are tolled. Tolls are also more expensive compared to road tolls in US. However, highways in Mexico are 4-lane modern roads and well-maintained. Thank you for my Mexican insurance. I can travel legally and without feeling fearful on the road.

Markita Dees

I think your site offers policies that cover the entire country of Mexico. After buying car insurance from Mexican Insurance Store, I have an insurance that is valid. Wherever I go in Mexico, I know I’m driving my car legally.

Terra Mahan

In addition to my Mexican insurance, I also drive during daytime only. Especially when I need to drive for long hours. Of course, I don’t want to have an accident even if I have car insurance. Being careful is the most important thing in driving.

Bernardo Zarate

It’s good to know that my policy covers damages to the third party. It also covers physical damage to my car, theft and medical needs. I’m thankful to Mexican Insurance Store, I’ve got one of the best policies.

Jeanett Armenta

Instant online quote allowed me to compare prices and I’ve got the lowest price here with good coverage. It’s a must for all car owners and drivers to buy Mexican insurance.

Lynetta Asbury

It’s easy to get quotes online. Comparing policies and prices are fast. In just a couple of hours, I was able to compare each quote and decided for the best offer. Mexican Insurance Store has so far offered me the cheapest price with good coverage. With my car and insurance, I can leave Arizona and travel to Mexico.

Meghann Pepe

When you are planning for your next summer vacation, you should consider the great city of Mexico. You’ll get more than what you expect for.

Gianna Hermansen

Anticipate possible road problems whenever you travel to Mexico. With that said, you’d be able to assess your needs when buying Mexican car insurance.

Linden Gray

This is why it’s a good idea to go long in case you wish to stay an additional day or two.

Lovetta Sue

Spanish online courses can help improve your Spanish vocabulary and speaking skills. It is important also to have the immediate application of Spanish words.

Hermila Leanos

Avoid overusing your car. Even with Mexico car insurance, never push the engine beyond its limit by driving faster than what is normal. Don’t use it for longer drives without stopping over.

Bridgett Dineen

Mexican insurance covers the bills of car repairs because of the damages that come from an accident.

Hui Lurie

If you need Mexican auto insurance, you can pick any duration day that can offer you protection up to three hundred sixty five days. Try Mexican Insurance Store and see their line of best offers.


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