Recommendations For Driving In Mexico

November 04, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

If you are planning a trip to Mexico, it is a good idea to know the rules of the road.  This will be a completely different experience to what you are accustomed to in the US and Canada.

The rules of the road are very similar in most countries, but in Mexico people generally choose to use their own discretion.  There are a few rules you should be aware of before you attempt driving on the roads in Mexico.

Unless you absolutely have to, you should try not to drive on the Mexican roads at night.  The road signs are not very easy to see at night and in some parts of the country, they are not there at all.  This is fine if you are traveling during the day because your vision of the road is much better.  However, if you are traveling on a road without much light or signs, you could end up in an unpleasant situation.

It is recommended that you make use of toll roads if you are going to be on the roads at night.  These are generally in a better condition than secondary roads and offer better vision.

Get Your Mexican Insurance Policy Online

You must obtain Mexican auto insurance before you leave your home country.  Your current US or Canadian car insurance policy will not be valid in Mexico.  You should check with your current provider if your insurance protection is transferable, however this is very rarely the case.  You should check with your current provider if they are able to offer you a policy.  If not, it is quite simple to obtain Mexican auto insurance online.

It is possible to purchase Mexican vehicle insurance at the Mexican border.  This however is not recommended.  The long queues will prompt you to buy the first policy offered to you and this is not always the best.  It is also more expensive and you have fewer options if you buy at the border.

Mexican Insurance

Prior to making your final decision on the type of policy you would prefer you should do a thorough comparison of what is available from the different providers.  Check the reputation of the provider to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company.  You should consider adding on options, such as legal assistance, medical transfer and bail bond assistance.  This will offer you extra protection in the event that you are involved in an accident. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy from this link.

Check Your Vehicle

Before you leave on your trip, you should get your vehicle checked.  It is recommended that you take your vehicle to a mechanic whom you trust and who is open with you regarding the potential problems you may face.  Do not have your vehicle checked the day before you are due to leave.  Allow adequate time for the mechanic to find the fault, repair it and for you to test drive the vehicle.

In Mexico, there are many speed bumps in the roads.  This is described as ‘tope’.  You will see several signs with this warning and since the speed bumps are quite large, you are at risk of damaging your vehicle.  You should keep your eyes on the road for any of the warning signs so that you are prepared.

These are a few basic requirements and recommendations for your trip to Mexico.

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Caridad Mcallister

Credit cards can be risky while using them in Mexico. You need to be extra vigilant. Vouch your transactions frequently. Make sure you safely logout whenever you use online means. Lastly, make sure that your valuables are covered by your homeowners because Mexican insurance policies don’t cover laptops etc.

Barbra Turk

Initially, I used to have problems ordering dishes in Tijuana since I hardly knew Spanish. However, these days I have developed rapport with many Tacos vendors such that they understand my way of ordering. Nonetheless, the best way Mexican roads can understand you is to stay safe – get Mexican auto insurance.

Malorie Odonnell

The ability to do extensive research, view as many quotes as you can and be safe in shopping for the most genuine and valid Mexican insurance policy at any time anywhere is only guaranteed online.

Alfreda Kelsey

I had an accident a couple of years ago. I could say that my Mexico insurance claim helped me in all the expenses I incurred. No regrets! What I paid for the premium was worth it when I got the claim.

Starr Baptiste

Get the most of your driving. Get items that relate to your driving in Mexico like road logs, maps and travelogues. They are helpful for good trips and don’t forget, of course, your Mexican auto insurance. Happy driving!

Han Boykin

Mexican insurance store offers a broad range of car insurance coverage. They offer upgrades on valuable policies. You can inquire for the car insurance package available in Mexico.

Karin Burnett

For optimum care and protection, avoid taking risk. Although your teen knows how to drive, don’t let him do it for you, especially when travelling in Mexico.

Douglas Maysonet

It’s not enough buying a liability-only policy because there are other essential things not covered by it but by the full coverage only.

Scottie Bodner

Spring break is what I’m waiting for to relax and have fun. Just like anyone else, safety concerns are a reality to any spring breakers who want to escape from a busy life.

Rachael Warlick

That’s right, it is overwhelming, especially for new tourists and travelers. A lot of places in Mexico are absolutely enchanting.

Shaunna Wiggs

You can’t measure the natural beauty of Mexico with all its great splendour and irresistible attraction. Every destination is worth visiting.

Melinda Melgarejo

The months of September and November are special in Mexico because of the two national holidays: Dia de Independenvia and Dia de la Revolucion.

Nelle Reuter

Vehicle value, travel interruption potential and expansion needs for comprehensive policies are factors that will decide your type of Mexican insurance for Rocky Point.

Shavonne Rousselle

If you want to avoid queues at the border, you may want to consider buying Mexican insurance online.

Ashlea Feit

Open markets are a part of Mexico living. Every day, lots of Mexicans and tourists visit open air markets to buy great items for souvenirs.

Towanda Viera

Long term Mexico auto insurance is the surest way to secure your money in case of sudden accident and damages your car may incur anytime while driving.

Angelita Guthrie

If you want a short-term trip or a long-term trip, you can do so by first securing Mexico auto insurance. You want to consider car insurance as an investment.

Tona Mansfield

Take advantage of the technology when it comes to buying Mexican auto insurance. This website has certainly earned the best insurance reputation & financial rating.

Valentine Salerno

Mexico traveling offers Canadians and Americans one-of-a-kind beach and cultural discoveries. You need Mexico insurance protection for your car.


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