Tips For Female Travelers To Mexico

January 27, 2015
Michael Ryan

Mexican Travel

Mexico is a country of traditions, and although there are laws that state equal rights for males and females, the traditions still remain.  If you are female, this should not put you off traveling to this beautiful country by yourself.  There is so much to see and learn, and you could have a lot of fun.  All you have to consider is your safety first.

Arrival Time

Regardless of your mode of transport to Mexico, be it by air, land or sea, you should aim to arrive in the country fairly early in the day.  This will offer you more daylight hours to find your accommodation and to become oriented in the area.


Mexican females normally dress in a conservative manner.  To avoid attention, you should follow their trend.  Inland, females normally wear skirts or trousers and at the coast, shorts and a tank top are normal.


Even if you are unfamiliar with the area, do not make that fact obvious.  If you require directions, ask at a store, restaurant or at your hotel.  It is best to write the directions down and do not let people see that you are lost.

Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance

To ensure your safety, you should opt for accommodation where you will not only feel safe, but is actually in one of the better parts of town.  Always put your safety before your budget.

If you intend driving to Mexico, you should ensure that your vehicle is in top class condition.  It is vital that you obtain Mexican auto insurance to travel on the roads as your US or Canadian car insurance will not be valid in Mexico.  Purchasing your Mexican vehicle insurance prior to leaving on your trip will save you the hassle of long queues at the border.  You will also be able to choose a policy that suits your personal requirements, with added extras to give you more security.  Mexican auto insurance is particularly easy to purchase online. You can click here to purchase your Mexican insurance.

Doing it online allows you to peruse the options available and choose the most appropriate features.

Driving Into Mexico


You should curb your alcohol consumption as it will allow you to remain alert at all times.  Bear in mind that if you are going to higher altitude areas, the effects of alcohol are more pronounced.


‘Gabacheros’ are Mexican males who are professionals at pursuing foreign females.  They are looking for the conveniences that foreign females can afford to offer them, such as dinners, trips or sex.  This does not mean you should avoid these males if you are interested, but you should remain aware of what their ultimate aim is.


If males try to make contact with you on the street, you should ignore it, and above all, do not make eye contact with them.  Any response, even if it is a negative one, is often viewed as an invitation to interact.


If you do not speak Spanish, you should learn a few phrases that could help you if you find yourself in an awkward situation.  The Mexican phrase, ‘estoy esperando a mi esposo’ means ‘I am waiting for my husband’ and appears to get rid of unwanted male attention quite rapidly.

Traveling on your own in Mexico can be enjoyable if you trust your instincts about situations and people.  If you feel uncomfortable in any situation, walk away.  Your safety is more important than offending people.


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Mikki Walls

Aside from Mexico insurance, I pay extra for the maintenance of my car. I see to it that my car is running in good condition. You can free yourself from big repair bills if your car is well-maintained. Do it. It really works!

Muoi William

Night driving in Mexico can be very dark. It’s not easy to be safe, especially on the dark roads. With this, I just keep the driving tips provided to me by Mexican Insurance Store. These tips help a lot for my driving.

Onita Crockett

My kid enjoys so much going with us in Mexico. There are many places we both enjoy together. My son is a nice kid and I have no troubles bringing him with me anywhere I go. To make sure, I have buy Mexican insurance before I leave.

Leisha Werner

Mobile phone communication can be such a challenge if you want to retain usage of your phone while on tour in Mexico. It is better to use less of direct calls and more of internet calls via Skype and such other means to cut down on your expenses. You can trim your expenses further by getting the best quote for your car insurance coverage from Mexican insurance policy providers online.

Mariam Carver

Learning Mexican language is beneficial especially when you travel a lot in Mexico. It’s all worth it if you can communicate with them. Depending on your purpose, if you’re going to be a frequent traveller in Mexico, then you can study Spanish. But it you stay there for one time only, just find someone to be with you who can interact with the people in Mexico.

Harriett Yancey

In addition to Mexico insurance, bring a spare tire. Repair shops in Mexico may not have available tire sizes. So, it’s worth bringing your spare tire that will save you long hours of finding the right tire size in Mexico.

Kristle Melton

If you drive, your body and your car should be in good condition. If not, either of the two can be the cause of trouble or accident while driving. Though, for your own safety, have Mexico insurance with you.

Mariah Tarkington

Think many times before driving to Mexico. You gotta buy Mexican insurance in order to avoid paying high-cost of road accident in Mexico.

Sheldon Popovich

Keep yourself protected while traveling your way to Mexico. Select yearly coverage over short-term coverage to ensure all time protection.

Nyla Manuel

If you are a college student heading to Mexico, many headlines about crime can keep your parents from allowing you to travel in Mexico.


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