Using Toll Roads In Mexico

November 16, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Mexico offers drivers an excellent toll road service throughout the country.  The main objective of these roads is to connect the main towns and cities with reliable, safe and fast roads.

Most of the toll roads are dual carriageways, however, in the hilly parts of the regions, it is often limited to single lane traffic, both ways.  This is due to the cost of constructing a road through a mountain and the lack of space.

The costs on toll roads are dependent on the distance you intend traveling on the road.  The method used to set up the toll roads allows you to pay for your overall journey in sections.  There are payment booths set up along the highways at the main off-ramps, and major towns and cities.  The way it works is that at every toll booth you pass, you pay an added fee which covers the cost of your journey to the next toll booth.

Get Your Mexican Insurance Policy

It will be necessary for you to check on your route before you start your journey as it is unlikely that you will be able to cover the entire journey on a toll road.  It is also important that you obtain Mexican car insurance prior to going on your journey through the country.  Your current car insurance policy that you hold in your country of residence will not be valid in Mexico. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy form this link.

Since you will not be able to complete your entire journey on the toll roads, you may have to travel on rural roads, which are not as well-maintained as the toll roads.  This places you at risk of a potential accident and you should ensure that you have adequate cover in this event.

Mexican Insurance

Obtaining Mexican auto insurance is a simple procedure.  All that you have to do is go online and do a search for Mexican vehicle insurance.  You will be offered a range of providers, with several options.  It is important that you are covered for the value of your vehicle and you may want to add on options like legal assistance and bail bond assistance in the event that you are involved in an accident.  You should also ensure that your liability cover is adequate for the region you intend visiting.

When you drive in Mexico, you can find free roads which often run parallel to the toll roads.  This makes it easier for you to plan your journey.  You should be alert to the signs on the roads and follow the route that you would rather use.

If you come across a sign LIBRE, it means that it is a free road.  When you see a sign CUOTA, it means it is a toll road.  You should bear in mind that the free roads will not be as well-maintained as the toll roads and are often single lane roads.  This may result in your journey time being extended.

It is advisable to carry cash with you if you wish to use the toll roads as most of the booths do not accept debit or credit cards.

You can find detailed information about the road system in Mexico by visiting the website of the federal highways agency in Mexico.

Ensure that you are well prepared for your trip, with a map and Mexican car insurance.


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Denis Bruno

It becomes more expensive if you take up Roadside Assistance, Legal Assistance and Medical Assistance in addition to your liabiltity-only cover. It is better to take up a full Mexican auto insurance where these are provided for plus compensation for damages to your car.

Jamika Berrios

Most travelers find it ideal to tow an ATV with their RV for easy adventure on rugged terrain in Baja Norte. Unfortunately, many forget to have a special Mexican auto insurance for their ATV. Make sure you don’t forget.

Nicky Vincent

Getting Mexican insurance online is hassle-free. Services are quick and easy. I thought I could not leave early because I don’t have yet my insurance. Online services are great in giving me fast Mexican auto insurance.

Sanda Rauch

I drive most of the time in Mexico. I find it much better to drive across Mexico with driving guides. Now I can completely drive with prepared. I’ve got Mexico insurance. I was so happy I found your site here.

Janine Mcnamara

Mexican insurance is not a guarantee I am safe on the road. It cannot give me any security at all. But it can give financial help when I need it in the future. So before driving my wheels, I make sure this insurance is here with me.

Carly Goode

When crossing into Mexico, it is recommended to drive slowly and carefully when reading road signs. Other drivers might be irritated because of your slow driving. Just stay nice and have a safe crossing at the border.

Lovetta Fegley

There’s no place like Cabo where anyone can throw their inhibitions to the cold wind. Cabo possesses a curious natural charm.

Buddy Victory

Quick entry to the border is a result of buying Mexican insurance before heading to Mexico. You save a lot of time when you do it online. On the contrary, you waste a lot of time when you get insured at the border.

Walker Reaux

Know if there are any hurricane warnings before heading to Mexico. This helps when securing Mexico insurance so it’s aligned with the region you’re visiting.

Jung Sexton

Feel the summer fiesta in Rosarito, Mexico! Remember to bring a printout copy of your Mexican insurance that you can show to authorities.

Linden Gray

Rosarito and Rosarito beach are fun year round.

Ashton Armstrong

The advantage of buying online is that you can do some research and compare quotes before paying online.

Noelia Saulters

It’s a big NO to forget your passport, Mexican insurance, and other required documents when driving to Mexico.

Olimpia Nielsen

Military personnel are not there to trouble your day’s travel. Just go along with them and things will be all right.

Jayson Beaulieu

One important thing is required in order to drive in Mexico. That is to secure first Mexican insurance. After that, you can enter the border and enjoy driving inside Mexico.

Clifton Belin

If you’re looking for Mexican auto insurance, you can ask for some money-saving tips in searching for the right coverage with the right price. This might help in reducing your amount of premium.

Wynell Moreno

There’s a faster and streamlined process if you visit leading websites that offer multiple policies. In minutes, a consumer can get insured without hassles.

Tommie Julian

Buying Mexican auto insurance close to the border? You will pay more fees while many times getting sub-standard coverage.

Rosalva Ng

Setting up your car for long hours of trip is a common thing to do. Check your tires and be sure you have a backup.


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