Touring Mexico in a Caravan

September 20, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

There is plenty of fun and adventure travelling in a group to Mexico, and, in fact, in many other places of the world. Whenever tourists from Canada and the US cross the border to tour Mexico, they get excited to experience the real Mexican life as portrayed by the local people they relate to. But it is even more interesting when travelling in a caravan. People seem to unwind better and make the best of bad situations, when they are many.

For example, they can afford to play down mishaps on the road that would otherwise make an individual panic. There are times, for instance, that you find heaps of stone piled in the middle of the highway. Ridiculous as it may sound, this is usually a sign that a car has broken down ahead; the stones being piled there to do the work of reflectors.

How to join a caravan to Mexico

It is easy to join a caravan if you want to travel as part of a group to Mexico. There are actually companies that specialize in organizing caravans. One option is for you to check online and once you get a company, locate its offices and then visit and make enquiries. Whatever the official word, it would be best to ask the company to give you contacts of people who have used the company services before. Travelers who have toured with the company before can be good references and will give you information that is relatively objective.

What to Expect In a Caravan

First timers might have reservations about travelling in a caravan, but it is good to have reliable information before deciding on the mode of transport to take. Of course, there are always choices of renting a car, driving your own car, or even, for the extra adventurous, riding a motor bike to Mexico.

One condition all these modes of transport must fulfill is adequate insurance from a Mexican company. Owing to the realities of life, Mexico recently reviewed its laws relating to compensation of injured persons, and, now, every auto mobile has to be insured for third party liability to the tune of $300,000. In fact, that figure happens to be the minimum cover; otherwise liability can go up to $500,000.

RV in parking

RV in parking

Here are the actual peculiarities of a caravan:

  1. Expect a number of (Recreational Vehicles) RVs to make the caravan.
  2. Expect around 20 rigs in the tour
  3. A caravan leader who drives his own RV
  4. A mechanic who drives in an RV that serves as the caboose or tail-gunner.

Unique costs:

a)    Campground charges

Since you will all be using other peoples’ areas to camp while on tour, it is natural that the caravan should pay for the fees charged for use of such grounds.

b)    Meals and groceries

The only thing you get free of charge in a caravan is company. Otherwise you will pay for the meals that you eat even when the meals are communally shared.

c)    Fuel charges

The money for the fuel throughout the tour is paid by the travelers that are on tour.

d)    Maintenance costs

Be prepared to foot your share of vehicle maintenance costs as they are incurred.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are travelling in vehicles that are duly insured. Every vehicle should have third party liability cover under Mexican car insurance. Nobody can hide behind US insurance cover even when the caravan is coming from the US, because the requirement of a Mexican laws legally binds every driver in Mexico to have a Mexican insurance policy. If you have not yet purchased your Mexican insurance policy, you can easily it online from this link.

Advantages of travelling in a caravan

i.        There is less anxiety when people are many on the road as opposed to when one is travelling alone.

ii.        Security is higher in a caravan because petty criminals are unlikely to scare people in a group.

iii.        The headache of planning the trip is on someone else – the company offering caravan services

iv.        It is fun and a memorable experience travelling with different kinds of people, most, if not all, being new to you.

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Rodrigo Ambrose

Driving from my home in Riverside California for my weekends in Rocky Point has been made easy thanks to online Mexican insurance.

Toccara Honeycutt

I visit Mexico twice or thrice a month on official business. I used to take up daily cover but soon realized that it is too expensive in the long-run. These days I take up annual Mexican auto insurance and thus pay less and incur less effort.

Delcie Aleman

Mexican insurance, GPS and of course internet access is one of the surest tools you need to have as you discover Mexico.

Brittny Blackman

It’s risky and very hard to cross the border and buy your Mexican insurance. You may not even get the right policy that fits your needs. It’s not comfortable to buy insurance for the sake of just having insurance.  The claim benefits may not be the right benefits you want.

Seema Blose

Whether you stay longer or be there for a short vacation, the most wonderful experience is to be guided by an expert – a professional tour guide.

Wenona Moeller

Observe proper hygiene, drink purified water, and wash fruits and vegetables to prevent any encounters with gastrointestinal issues while in Mexico.

Denice Fleming

The value of your vehicle, the states you intend to visit, and the duration of your stay are factors that will affect your Mexico insurance coverage.

Charlsie Felty

In Mexico you can find many motorcycle clubs, usually seen in bigger towns. What they do is they welcome most travelers and foreigners in Mexico.

Laurinda Bolland

Annually, Mexico enforces stricter laws for those who drive without Mexican insurance. I’m sure there is no risk if you just follow their law, right?

Lavona Weiler

Carnaval is happily celebrated with town parties both day and night. Everyone has to enjoy foods and drinks.

Lucius Mcentire

Although it’s pretty cool enjoying free exploring, it’s better to consider having a good tour anyway in Mexico.

Katlyn Coppola

If you want a friendly vacation in Mexico, enter the border with Mexico auto insurance. Compliance to their law is mandatory.


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