Traffic Tickets In Mexico

November 24, 2014
Michael Ryan
Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Policing authorities in Mexico are present across the country, particularly on the border points between the US and Mexico.  There are usually military units that patrol most of the highways and major roads to ensure that the areas remain safe and to prevent criminal activities.

These authorities are the ones who handle most of the traffic problems, international issues and traffic tickets.  You should not feel nervous about the patrolling authorities as they are simply attempting to keep the area safe.

Their main task is to look for contraband and drugs.  Although they are also checking on those who have entered Mexico illegally, and controlling the traffic flow, they are focused on the search for drugs.  Mexico has become a haven for many drug dealers and the Mexican authorities have to take extra care to control their activities.

What To Do When Stopped

If you are stopped at one of their routine checkpoints, you should slow down and abide by the procedures they ask you to follow.  The checkpoints are set up to quickly and efficiently get you on your way.  If you do not co-operate with the authorities, you could encounter problems and may be detained as you will raise their suspicions.

The authorities are responsible for issuing traffic tickets.  If you do not want to experience traffic problems, then you should avoid going to Mexico.

To ensure that you do not run into problems with the authorities, you should comply with the rules of the road and make sure that you have valid Mexican car insurance.  It is a legal requirement to hold valid Mexican auto insurance if you intend using the roads in the country.  You can obtain Mexican vehicle insurance online, at the border, or you can inquire if your current insurance provider offers this type of insurance. You can purchase your Mexican insurance policy at this URL.

The easiest method is to go online and do a search for car insurance in Mexico.  You will be provided with a list of providers and you should do a thorough comparison before you make a final purchase.  The amount of liability cover you choose will depend on the part of the country you intend visiting.  You should also consider the value of your vehicle to ensure that you have sufficient cover in the event of an accident.  It is recommended that you consider adding on legal assistance and medical assistance.

Mexican Insurance

Once you have made a final choice of insurance, you will be asked to pay for it and you should print out a couple of copies of the insurance in case you are asked to prove that you have it.  It is a good idea to print a copy in English and one in Spanish.

If you are traveling in Mexico and you happen to get a ticket, you can go to the local police station to pay it or mail it once you return home.  Traffic tickets generally do not cost as much as they do in the US, but depends on the infringement.  The costs range from $20 for going through a red traffic light, to $65 for talking on your cell phone whilst driving.

If you feel that you should not have been given a ticket, you can file an appeal by going to the local police station and discussing your case with the municipal judge.

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Angle German

I asked for a quote because I was interested in getting my Mexico insurance. I decided to get a policy to cover all my needs when I drive in Mexico. Now my whole family can visit our friends and relatives in Mexico.

Genevive Townes

My son can drive legally in any Mexico thoroughfares. It’s required by the law that every driver has the Mexican auto insurance. I agree with this and I’m happy my son has his protection in driving.

Lilly Gallardo

I advised my neighbor to get his Mexican auto insurance online. He got it in minutes. He’s an inexperienced driver and feels intimidated most of the time. Now he understands the value of insurance.

Ayanna Esposito

I crashed into the car of a driver in town in Mexicali and it was my fault. I found out that my insurance company was the one to pay the incurred damages to the other guy. I didn’t have enough money. I was happy Mexican insurance took care of my financial needs.

Katrice Petrus

Obviously, Mexico has micro-climates in its own borders. Climates can be temperate, dry or tropical. There’s no better place in the world like Mexico. But make sure you travel with Mexican insurance.

Mahalia Kern

I have never been in Mexico in my life. I’ve never tried surfing but would want to try it for sure.

Benedict Galle

Grab that relaxed experience by visiting Mexico’s small communities. For accommodation, try Home Away or surf the net for rental coordination sites.

Laurena Rosser

Check your financial status first prior to choosing the best policy coverage, as this will determine the Mexican insurance that suits your needs.

Linden Gray

Its important to get adequate liability limits.

Myrtle Horiuchi

Mexico is the perfect place for all travels and vacations. With its rich nature, you would always want to keep on visiting Mexico. It’s worth every trip!

Lakendra Pickell

Taco is a known Mexican food. Although you can eat tacos any day you want, in Mexico, they have this tradition known as Taco Tuesday.

Amanda Montez

Some tourists miss La Paz due to its excruciating heat especially during summertime. But majority still prefer to get there and have fun with the heat of the sun.

Ophelia Pare

Weekend driving is overwhelming. There’s heavy traffic on the roads and highways. But if you can, why not just drive during weekdays.

Leanna Grace

I cannot imagine going to Mexico without Mexico insurance. How will you secure protection if you’re traveling unprotected and you have no coverage?

Zelda Winslow

You’re the one at fault in accident? Comprehensive Mexico insurance makes it easy to address all concerns you have.

Jin Correa

Any car owner involved in a car accident should have the means to settle the incurred damages. It could be in the form of either Mexico insurance or ready cash.

Pauline Rymer

Before you go, all necessary documents should be in your car, particularly Mexico car insurance.

Samual Kuykendall

Your destination is a jail when caught driving without the proper Mexican car insurance. It’s a big, big frustration.

Niki Hensley

Not filing your Mexico car insurance claim? That is not logical. You have coverage and you should use it if something bad happens on the road.


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