Unforgettable Travel To Mexico

January 25, 2015
Michael Ryan
Cancun Beach

The Beach and Buildings of Cancun

A trip to Mexico will be an unforgettable experience.  The country has so much to offer the average tourist and even more if you like adventure.  It has been blessed with a mild climate and teamed with its rich culture, this will be a holiday you will remember forever.

Mexico may be at the southern tip of America, but its culture cannot be more different than that of Canada and the US.  It offers travelers the most beautiful, pristine, white-sand beaches you could find anywhere, along with mountains and evidence of its rich cultural past.

Travel Inland 

One of the best methods to enjoy this country is to not only visit the beaches, but travel inland to the quaint, ancient Mexican towns.  Here you will find a completely different environment, compared to the busy, tourist-packed coastline areas.  You will also be able to save money as it is not as expensive as the more popular areas.

One of the areas you should consider is Guanajuato.  This charming city has a distinct Spanish atmosphere and is dotted with structures based on colonial architecture.  The city started as a mining camp, but has grown over the years.  It remains hugely undiscovered by foreign tourists, but is an extremely popular weekend trip for locals from other cities in Mexico.  This is a safe city to visit and the locals are extremely receptive to visitors.

Aztec Ruins in Mexico

Aztec Ruins in Mexico

Still, many people are apprehensive about traveling to the country as horror stories abound.

These fears remain mostly unfounded.  On average, Mexico is a safe travel destination.  The country has had its share of public violence, but most of these activities are related to drugs and occur mainly in the areas close to the border, such as Cuidad Juarez and Tijuana.  Visitors are generally not targeted during these incidences.

One of the Most Visited Countries

Mexico remains in the top 10 list of most-visited countries globally and attracts around 20 million visitors on an annual basis.  If it was not safe for tourists, the millions would not visit it.  This does not imply that it is crime-free and it is possible for tourists to fall victim to petty crime.  To avoid this, you should heed some safety trips when you travel to Mexico, such as:

  • Planning your trip carefully. All the information you require can be found on the internet and you should plan thoroughly.  Provide a member of your family or friends with a copy of your itinerary, in the event of a mishap
  • Choose accommodation with a reputable providerMexican Travel
  • Do not pack unnecessary items as you want to travel light because it makes it easy to keep an eye on your belongings and move around
  • Make photocopies of your travel documents and any other important papers you are carrying with you
  • Ensure that you have contact numbers for you bank and credit card providers. Do not keep all your cash on your person
  • Remember to activate your mobile for international usage
  • Check your insurance coverage. This includes obtaining Mexican auto insurance if you intend travelling on the country’s roads.  You can obtain this online at a very reasonable cost and it will be worth the cost if you are involved in an accident.  Mexican auto insurance is as important as ensuring that your passport is valid. You can click here to purchase Mexican auto insurance.

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Ariel Shank

Night gazing was not really safe because of the dark night. So, I put extra effort to carefully driving my car slowly at night and I buy good quality Mexican insurance.

Zenia Peeples

Nothing can be better than buying Mexican auto insurance. I can get better claims services in case my car gets damaged. For car owners like me, I can foresee how this will be beneficial to me if the time comes.

Eleonore Shade

Watching the largest mammal on earth displaying its sharp maneuvers despite its immense weight can be such a breathtaking event. It makes you appreciate nature as perfect. Get your children to love nature by providing them with opportunities available at the beaches of Baja Norte. Buy your Mexican insurance online for a safe trip down South.

Valery Madsen

Full insurance cover is very important, especially if you are a visitor to Mexico during Christmas vacation as the traffic becomes a beehive of activity. Being hit or inadvertently hitting others is common during such occasions. Having a full Mexican insurance ensures both your liability and damages plus Roadside Assistance are taken care of.

Emogene Mccaffrey

Medical and Legal Assistance are two important extras that you must not overlook while taking up Mexican insurance coverage for your car. You never know when and where you could land in trouble. Be safe.

Marketta Parrott

Most serious car accidents happen when your unit is not in good condition. Anything can happen to a car that is not safe. Travel safe by having Mexican auto insurance for your car.

Afton Forman

The option that covers the 30-minute assistance on the road is given to policy holders. This benefit is what new and old drivers need. It’s not a guarantee that you are already skilled in driving. Brushing up some tips and tricks will be the best way to avoid dangers.

Divina Cournoyer

I haven’t gone to Mexico yet. But I believe it’s one of the most visited countries in the world. Probably because of its diverse climates and friendly Mexicans who always welcome travellers.

Karyl Carlton

If you’re the one at fault for an accident, you’ll be put to jail unless you show proof of Mexican insurance.

Tierra Baxendale

Take a spare key of your car and put it in your pocket. This is important in case someone locks the keys inside your car.


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