Visiting Archaeological Sites In Mexico

October 27, 2014
Michael Ryan
Xochicalco pyramids

Xochicalco pyramids

Mexico offers those who are interested in history a range of impressive archaeological sites.  Visits to the ancient cities and the areas of interest have become an extremely popular tourist attraction.

These areas allow you to explore temples, homes and pyramids from a long ago era and offers you a view into what the lifestyle must have been like centuries ago.

Most of the sites are open every day of the year from 8am to 5pm.  It is often best to visit the sites early in the morning or later during the day, but ensure that you have adequate time to roam the site before it closes.  Going during these times ensures that you miss the heat at midday, making it a more pleasant adventure.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) manage all the archaeological sites within Mexico.  The cost to enter the sites varies, depending on the importance and size of the attraction.  Some sites charge an additional fee which is levied by the government in that particular state, such as Chichen Itza.  If you are a permanent resident or Mexican city, admission is free on Sundays.

Some Rules to Remember

You should be aware that if you intend taking a video camera with you, you will be charged an additional entry fee.  Professional photographers who want to make use of a tripod have to obtain special permission via the INAH, which comes at a much higher cost.

It is important that you wear comfortable shoes as you may have to climb the pyramids or walk on uneven ground.  It is best to choose closed, flat shoes, such as hiking boots or sneakers for your trip.  Ensure that you carry water, sunscreen and a hat with you.  It is extremely hot in Mexico and even on overcast days, you could suffer sunburn.

Pyramid of the Sun - Aztec Ruins in Mexico

It is advisable to read a bit about the site before your visit.  This will ensure that you have a basic idea of exactly what it is you want to view.  It is a good idea to consider hiring a guide as this will allow you to get much more out of your visit.  The guides generally know the sites very well and you should ensure that the one you choose has a license from the Mexican Secretary of Tourism.  You can take a guide with you or you can hire one at the entrance to the site.  If you do not see any around at the entrance, you should enquire at the ticket booth.

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Mexico City is an extremely walkable city, with activities literally spilling out in each corner. This stunning city is perfect for a quick getaway moment.

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In Mexico alone, tourists can go fishing for more than 300 different species of fish and such number keeps on increasing. This is incredibly exciting!!!

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You must know how to speak Spanish words to communicate with Mexicans. But even simple words and phrases are good enough to help you communicate.

Olevia Klump

Mexico City is related to a place of relaxation. No wonder many people keep visiting the country. Along the way they can stop in beauty stores and try some traditional cosmetics.

Renay Edmondson

Passing through i-5 is not more than 3 hours of driving from Long Beach to Puerto Nuevo. It’s pretty quick to reach it.

Daniel Scoggins

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