Visit Ek Balam For A Relaxing Holiday

April 04, 2014
Michael Ryan


Visit to Mexico

Ek Balam is a great inland spot that is often overlooked by visitors to Mexico.  It may not offer the same attractions as Coba or Chichen Itza, but the costs are not as high.  If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to seeing ancient ruins, artifacts and pyramids, you should definitely put this spot on your itinerary.

The site sits comfortably between Santa Rita and Valladolid.  It contains more than 40 ancient ruins, dating back to the period between 700 and 1100 A.D.  These ruins have been carefully restored since its discovery.  Upon entering, you have the opportunity to view a pyramid, residential compounds, a reinforced barrier with a double wall and a ball court.  The village has been beautifully restored to what it once looked like and offers you the opportunity to gain insight into the early cultures of this vibrant country.

Not only will you gain by the low admission cost, but you are not tied down to a tour guide either.  You can go through the village at your own pace and have up to nine hours to explore the expanse of the area on offer.

Once you have completed your leisurely exploration and you wish to remain in the area, you can go for an ancient meal.  The restaurant in the town offers freshly made recipes, dating back to the early days when the area was inhabited.  This is an excellent opportunity to taste the types of foods that residents used to consume centuries ago.

If you require overnight accommodation, there are rooms to rent at very reasonable prices.  This makes your entire visit a very cost-effective, pleasant stay.  You do not need to worry about the hours you spend in the area, as you can find accommodation and food to ensure that you are ready to continue your trip the next day.You could undertake a visit to Ek Balam for a total of around $100, depending on the size of your party and this includes everything.

If you intend visiting this area on your trip to Mexico, you should ensure that you are adequately covered by obtaining suitable insurance.  It is a legal requirement to obtain Mexico car insurance if you intend driving in the country.  Although you may have American or Canadian insurance, this will not be valid if you are involved in a vehicle accident whilst in Mexico. You can click here to get your Mexican car insurance.

It is fairly easy to obtain Mexico vehicle insurance and the costs vary, depending on the provider, and your vehicle type.  It is possible to obtain this insurance coverage at the border, but this is normally a far more costly method.  An online comparison search will provide you with a range of providers of this type of insurance coverage.

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Brittani Arreola

Mexico is an excellent place for spending your spring holidays, vibrant number of beaches located in different areas of this country, economical for foreigners and locals. One thing that people forget is buying Mexican auto insurance. Get some!

Jarrod Sterling

Traditional Christmas carols in Mexico are spectacular and you wouldn’t wish to miss them during your Christmas holiday. Go Mexico for your Christmas this season and don’t forget Mexico insurance.

Huong Hoskins

It is easy to be tempted to overindulge while on holiday in Mexico. But, make sure that alcohol is not part of your overindulgence while driving.

Precious Matteson

Parties are buoyant occasion that most caution is thrown to the wind. However, if you are going South to enjoy your celebration, ensure that you are comprehensively insured. This will save you from unlikely heartaches.

Temika Tompkins

GPS is a great tool when you want to ensure you don’t get lost. Mexican Insurance too is a great tool if you want to ensure that you don’t incur unnecessary accident liability. Have both and you will be on a safe drive in Mexico.

Abdul Beckwith

I always enjoy going for my winter holidays down South to Mexico in the RV. It is the best way to enjoy holiday season in Mexico.

Aurore Jeffries

Oaxaca! Tomorrow I come. I’ve just printed by Mexican insurance online. I plan to drive from my home in Arizona tomorrow morning.

Marcellus Lawerence

If you go and travel to Mexico, don’t forget to bring some stuff like warm clothes. While daytime can be apparently hot, night time is the opposite because it’s very cold—even during summer.

Malia Payan

The quickest way to get Mexican insurance is to use the Internet. Ask for a few quotes and buy your coverage online. The majority of insurance is now being bought directly online.

Gavin Rupert

Suspend your visit in Mexico if you have no Mexico insurance. No way to take risk because you know you’re not safe in driving.

Charlsie Podesta

Reviewing your travel plans, destinations, and liability requirements is essential when buying Mexican car insurance for Long Beach to ensure your coverage is appropriate.

Linden Gray

If you do it right you can save $, as well as getting better, more reliable coverage.

Cari Luebbers

Keeping the body hydrated with clean, cool water can beat the summer heat. Bring enough water to ensure cool travel. Water makes long hours of trip free from hassles.

Elfriede Irick

Yeah, that’s right. Remote areas in Mexico are a problem for mobile users because services tend to stop.

Ellis Kluesner

Shopping online is pretty easy and simple. Obtaining Mexican auto insurance is quick. No hassles at all.


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