Visitor’s Guide To Mexico City

February 22, 2015
Michael Ryan
Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico.  The history of the city spans 700 years and it is known to be one of the largest global cities.  Mexico City is often intimidating to some, but it offers visitors a range of attractions and services that will meet their every whim.


The city was founded during 1325 by the Aztecs, also referred to as the Mexica, who named the city Tenochtitlan.  The Spaniards arrived in the area around 1519 and were duly impressed by the beauty and size of the city.  The prehispanic structures were destroyed during the colonial era and the colonial city was constructed on the ruins.  The city has remained the capital of Mexico throughout its history.  It is also the economic, political and cultural heart of the country.  Around 20% of Mexico’s population resides in this metropolitan area.


Mexico City is situated equidistant from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.  To the east, west and north, it sits on the borders of the state of Mexico, and to the south, it borders on the state of Morelos.  It is placed within a valley with volcanic hills.  It was founded on an island placed in a lake, named the Lago de Texcoco, which was ultimately drained.  The elevation of the city is 2240 meters above sea level.  The draining of the groundwater in the area and the soft subsoil has resulted in the city sinking at a pace of four to 12 inches per year.


There is plenty to see in Mexico City and it is a city rich with culture.  The best method to enjoy the sights is to do so on foot.  A walking tour of Mexico is the ideal activity and there are several activities that can be undertaken free of charge.  Hop-on, hop-off tour buses are available for sightseeing.  It is easier to make use of public transport in the area, but if you intend using your own vehicle, it is a good idea to ensure that you are adequately insured.

Get Your Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexican Border

At the US-Mexico Border

Many people are unaware that the rules in Mexico regarding driving a vehicle state that you should have valid Mexican auto insurance.  Your Canadian or American car insurance is not valid in Mexico, but this should not put you off visiting this interesting country.  It is quite a simple task to purchase Mexican car insurance.  You can do it online or you can opt to purchase it at the border post, however, the second option is the more expensive one, with fewer options.  You should ensure that you purchase Mexican vehicle insurance from a licensed provider as this will ensure that should you be involved in a vehicle accident, you will obtain the facilities you paid for. You can save on your Mexican auto insurance by purchasing it from this MexinsuranceStore link.  You should also consider adding some of the extras that are available, such as legal assistance, bail bond assistance and medical assistance.


The city’s elevation has resulted in a temperate climate.  The winters are generally mild, with pleasant summers.  However, the winter months often bring the occasional frosty evening.  The warmest month of the year is May and January is when it is very cold.  If you intend visiting Mexico City during the winter months, you should ensure that you pack suitable clothing as the buildings generally do not have central heating.  It rains in the city from June through to September, with the wettest period being during July.

With adequate Mexican auto insurance in hand, you should not be too concerned about visiting during the wet months of the year, as any mishap will be adequately covered.

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Emeline Lockett

Towing your goods, even your ATV can be a risky thing to do on Mexican roads. Make sure that whatever you are towing including the trailer is adequately covered by a quailyty Mexican insurance policy.

Jesica England

Rosarita is such a wonderful place to be. My wife is in love with Rosarita. We are in the process of completing our transition to permanent residence there. Thanks to Mexican Insurance Store for having been part of our transition process.

Lilliam Otoole

Ignorance is no excuse in law. Neglecting to buy or extend your Mexican insurance when due is an offense in Mexico. You need not feel so handicapped by language barriers at such critical moments as in police cells or Courtrooms. Simply have Mexican insurance while there and stay safe.

Shery Lance

Although there are many great spots to watch whales in Baja Norte, I prefer Cabo San Lucas due to its scenic beauty and historic sites. Driving there from San Diego is never much of a hassle for me as I always easily prepare in advance by having my Mexican auto insurance policy online.

Margeret Kimmel

I am a resident of Tucson. Mexico is indeed my second home. Due to my frequent visits to Rocky Point for business and leisure, I prefer buying annual Mexican insurance online which is by far cheaper in the long run than any other periodic cover.

Maynard Duff

You can’t fully enjoy Mexico if you can’t go to its city—Mexico City. However, be cautious because there are many cars on the road while you’re visiting its beautiful places. So it makes sense to really own your Mexico insurance before going to Mexico.

Vern Ridinger

Mexico requires all motorist to have proper car coverage and your Mexico insurance for Scottsdale is customized on the country’s laws.

Maybelle Barak

Tijuana is the largest city in Mexico. It is a place enculturated with Spanish history and modernization.

Ty Walla

At times, markets in Mexico can be so confusing – especially for new tourists and first-time visitors.

Macie Ocallaghan

Heat is overwhelming especially when driving. But everything turns okay once you reach Mexico and its beautiful beaches.

Illa Wynn

The papers that you need to bring vary based on whether you want to rent a car or you want to drive your own car. Always bring your Mexican auto insurance.


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