What Not To Take To Mexico

May 28, 2014
Michael Ryan

Traveling to Mexico can be a fun and exciting experience, but there are certain things you should be aware of.  The laws in Mexico are very different to those in your country and you should observe it.  When you travel to Mexico, there are certain items you should not carry with you and certain documents you should carry with you.

It is possible for you to enter Mexico and remain within the border zone.  This means that there are certain documents you may not require.  Once you leave this free zone, you should ensure that you have all the necessary documents to make your stay as legally uneventful as possible.


You should ensure that you carry your passport or passport card with you at all times.  The insurance you currently have on your vehicle in your home country is not valid in Mexico.  It is necessary for you to buy Mexican car insurance if you intend driving on the roads in the country.  In this case, you can go online and do a search for insurance, and you will be supplied with a range of insurance providers.  Ensure that you check the reviews for the different providers as you do not want to be involved in a car accident in Mexico and cannot get hold of your insurance provider.

The insurance providers will offer you liability only or comprehensive policies.  If you opt for comprehensive, you can be sure that you will be covered for all events.  There are add-ons you can choose, such as bail-bond and legal assistance, among others.  Make sure that you are adequately covered for liability based on the amounts stipulated for the different regions.

Once you have purchased Mexican auto insurance, you should print a copy of the policy in both Spanish and English, and carry it with you.  It is a good idea to email a copy of the document to your account.  This will ensure that you have access to it, should you lose the printed copies.

You need to carry vehicle ownership and registration documents with you.  It will be necessary for you to produce these when you pass through border control.

What to Avoid

You should not carry weapons with you.  In fact, you should not even carry ammunition without the weapon in your vehicle.  This could result in you being arrested and locked up in jail.  The Mexican jails are very different to those in the US and Canada.

Do not carry any drugs with you.  Many people think that drugs are commonplace in Mexico and it will not matter if you carry a small amount.  You will be locked up.  The staff at military checkpoints often focus on drugs when you leave Mexico, but you may be stopped for a random check when you enter the country.

You should carry all these documents with you and if you have forgotten to buy Mexican car insurance, you can either do so at the border or pull over and access the internet on your phone to buy.  Insurance is much more expensive at the border than online. You can go to this URL to purchase your Mexican insurance policy online.

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Jeanine Parham

Exotic resorts of Mexico has been the most visited places for Canadians, trips like this needs to be properly looked after by Mexican insurance for safety of others and yourself in case of an accident.

Nevada Metz

Keep distance from such encounters where you put yourself into jeopardy. Buy Mexican auto insurance in order to have a joyful trip to Mexico.

Sheilah Almond

Construction material in Mexico is a bit expensive, working tools as well. If you’re taking along all the required material with you to work there, don’t forget Mexican insurance as this will definitely alert border officials for your purpose of visit.

Wilton Hooks

Keep yourself on route when you make a short trip to Mexico as a matter of fact get Mexican insurance for your safety as it has become compulsory for foreigners in case of an accident.

Dorthy Bickford

People going for work business need to verify about the number of cars that are insured mainly from Mexican auto insurance so that they can easily cross border without further interrogation.

Aline Payne

The value of your vehicle will give you a clue on the amount of Mexico insurance coverage to get. Having adequate coverage is better!

Ignacio Rickard

It is necessary to reduce your pack load before going to the beach. The more stuff you store in the car, the more difficult driving will be.

Edith Jury

Don’t decide at once, take time to research for the car insurance products and services. It matters to get only the right coverage needed for your situation.


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