What You Need To Know About Mexico Auto Insurance

April 23, 2014
Michael Ryan

Saving Money in Mexican Insurance
There are several types of insurance available for you if you are going on a trip to Mexico.  It is critical that you are fully aware of exactly what your needs may be.  The best attitude to have when it comes to insurance is to expect the worst scenario.  This attitude will ensure that you are covered for everything.

You may think that this method is a waste of money.  However, consider the consequences if you are involved in a vehicle accident, your car has been vandalized or your expensive equipment has been stolen.  As unlikely as this may sound, it does happen.  You may be an excellent driver, but it is the other drivers on the road that you have to be concerned about.  You should also bear in mind that you will be traveling on foreign roads that you are unfamiliar with.

Most people are aware that they require travel insurance when traveling to a foreign country, however many people are not aware that they need Mexican car insurance to drive in Mexico.  The car insurance you currently hold in America or Canada is not valid in Mexico.  Some policies may offer you cover if you remain within the border zone, but as soon as you travel beyond that point, you will not be covered.

Not all insurance companies offer Mexican auto insurance policies.  To find the most suitable policy for your needs, you should do research online.  When you do your search, you should look for a provider with a good reputation.  Many of the Mexican car insurance companies in America or Canada act as brokers only.  They are affiliated to insurance providers who are licensed in Mexico.  This makes it important for you to select a broker who has links to the top insurance companies.

The lowest prices always appear to hold an attraction, but when it comes to insurance, it may not always be the safest option.  If you drive in Mexico, you need at least Civil Liability insurance.  This is the most basic legal insurance in Mexico.  It is available for the protection of damage or injury to third parties.  If you look at the costs, you will notice that a small increase in fee will offer you coverage for your vehicle and personal injuries.  If you really want to be covered for any possible incident, you should consider comprehensive coverage.  There are also additional options that you can add into the policy.  This will cover roadside assistance, bail-bond and legal assistance such as the one offered here.

The insurance you purchase will be for a specified period.  Many travelers to Mexico assume that they should buy insurance for the exact time that they will be in the country.  It is best to add some extra time in case you decide to extend your stay or you experience any other problems in Mexico.  You should consider that the weather, particularly during the hurricane season, may be reason for you to be delayed in Mexico, or if you become ill whilst on your trip.

Insurance for your trip to Mexico is normally not very expensive.  It is best to obtain the best possible package you can afford .

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Bambi Field

Mexico has different territories; some accept currency while other major places consider electronic money. It’s better to get coverage from Mexico insurance on these circumstances.

Zonia Friedman

Find an appropriate Mexican auto insurance which allows custom policy for your comfort moreover it should be easily accessible via online in order to extend or cancel your coverage.

Adriene Wilder

Sometimes many of us distrust taking online insurance cover. However, quacks are all over, but online insurance has the advantage that you can easily identify scams by reading various customer reviews online.

Cassey Slade

The easiest way to travel conveniently and affordably from Texas to Mexico is to drive. The easiest way to insure your car is to take up online Mexico insurance cover.

Bettyann Kimmel

Getting car insurance on the road is more expensive than getting it online. I tried calling up Mexican Insurance Store and in minutes, I have bought my Mexican insurance. I was also given the right policy. Now, there’s no hassle of buying it at the border!

Nella Shead

Whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall, find the ideas on what to see and expect in various seasons. Then you can make the most of your vacation in Mexico.

Valentine Somerville

You can count on Mexico Insurance Store to meet your future needs. This website provides multiple Mexico insurance policies and coverage not found among same websites.

Zina Tanouye

We want to try Cancun. According to those who’ve seen it, it’s a paradise for sun worshippers & beach lovers. Can’t wait to see Cancun to watch its splendor!

Erlinda Evert

Mexico is known as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. There are tons of irresistible places and beaches to really enjoy the fun.

Fredia Bowerman

Forgetting to bring Mexican auto insurance while driving can cause a major problem. Much more, if you come from other country and you’re driving to Mexico.

Gabrielle Lombardi

Dealing with some Mexican authorities? Your car insurance will be your proof of financial responsibility and that you’re able to handle certain conditions that may happen on the road.

Bryon Belt

Driving confidently is helped with Mexico insurance for cars. Yes, different types of coverage and budgets are offered by Mexican Insurance Store.

Kathrin Roberti

One of the best Mexican car insurance policies is available through Mexican Insurance Store. They have all types of products to meet your needs and budget.

Liane Shirley

If your Mexico insurance has lapsed you will no longer be covered.

Shelly Creighton

Mexican auto insurance gives thorough peace of mind. You can be sure that there’s no financial difficulties in times of loss and damage of your unit or to a third party.


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