Why Get Married In Mexico?

April 25, 2014
Michael Ryan

Mexico as a Wedding Venue
Mexico is a beautiful country that offers you many wonderful settings suitable for weddings.  If you are looking for the ultimate experience and a wonderful setting for your wedding, you have the option of several places within Mexico.

Mexico City

Mexico City offers you a big city experience, mingled with the Mexican traditions of old.  The temperatures in this city remain at around 70 degrees all year round.  This means that you can make the decision to get married at any time of the year that best suits all those involved in the event.  This is a definite top of the list for a special event.

Puerto Vallarta

If you are looking for a tropical wedding setting, Puerto Vallarta is the place you should consider.  It is close to the most stunning beaches in the world.  You can choose to have a beautiful, casual beach wedding.  This is always a different option to the traditional wedding.  It also offers a more relaxed setting for your guests which will allow them to enjoy the day more.  This is the perfect setting to ensure that your wedding guests remember the event for many years to come.

Riviera Maya

This is a tropical paradise that will provide you and your guests with long lasting memories of the event.  Your guests will be able to enjoy the sandy beaches before and after the wedding.  It will allow you to have the wedding day of your dreams, with all the trimmings on a sandy white beach.


Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning, Yucatan is the best place to consider.  You can opt for a traditional Mexican wedding or have a casual beach wedding.

There are several other places in Mexico where you can have the wedding of your dreams.  You can opt for a traditional wedding in one of the old Mexican churches that offer you the character of years gone by.
If you wish, you can opt for a beach wedding as the weather is normally good enough all year round.  This will gift you and your guests a relaxed atmosphere and a venue where everyone can enjoy the spectacular settings and beautiful sunsets offered by these Mexican paradises.

It is extremely important that when you arrange your wedding in Mexico, you confirm if your guests intend traveling to the venue by road.  If they are, it is a good idea that you include some instructions with your formal invitation.

Make sure that you inform your guests that Mexican car insurance is a legal requirement in Mexico.  Their Canadian or American car insurance is not valid in Mexico.  It is possible for them to purchase this type of insurance at the border, however, it normally costs much more than obtaining it before they leave for Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance is quite easy to obtain online just like the one in this URL .  You only require a liability only policy, but your guests should consider buying comprehensive insurance.  If they intend traveling long distances to reach your venue of choice, they will be on the road for much longer, thus putting them at higher risk.  Your guests will appreciate this type of information as it will show that you care.

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