The Canals Of Mexico

November 26, 2014
Michael Ryan
Boats at Xochimilco

Boats at Xochimilco

A visit to the canals of Xochimilco is an absolute must for any trip taken to Mexico City.  This city dates back 500 years when it was the agricultural center of Tenochtitlan.  A weekend visit to this beautiful, scenic and unique spot will want you returning again and again.  However, you should ensure that you are not wearing high heels, but comfortable shoes and sunscreen when you make use of the typical Xochimilco boat.

There are always many vendors travelling in smaller canoes that offer drink, food and souvenirs for sale.  If you want the full effect of this region, you can rent a floating mariachi band and sing along with them as you travel through the canals.

According to historians, Xochimilco was first recognized as a tourist attraction during the 1920s, when guidebooks in Europe described the area as the ‘Venice of Mexico’.  Xochimilco was finally declared a Cultural Heritage Site during 1987.

If you decide to go on one of these canal rides, there will usually be beer and soft drinks available on the boat, which you pay for once you have completed the ride.  There are often vendors standing on the shore at certain points, selling candy, ice cream, drinks and meals to people in the boats that pass by.

Once you have taken a ride down the canal, you can enjoy one of the exotic Mexican meals at the restaurants that are nearby.  Deep down in the canals, there is a small island that comes with a dark and strange history, called La Isla de las Munecas.  The story linked to this island is about a man, Don Julian Santana, who left his wife and child to move to an island in the canals.  There are stories which state that a young girl drowned in the lake and others that say he simply imagined this.  Don Santana gave up his life to honor the young girl who had drowned by collecting and hanging up several decapitated, decomposing dolls.  Eventually, this resulted in the entire island being transformed into some bizarre, land with an infestation of dolls.  Don Julian Santana was found drowned during 2001, in the same part of the canal where he believed the young girl had died.

Mexican Insurance

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Traveling to this special area will be an exciting and memorable event.

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