Crossing The Border Into Mexico

May 13, 2014
Michael Ryan

The US Border with Mexico
Many people are aware that a trip to Mexico offers wonderful beach destinations, such as Cancun, Cozumel and Cabo San Lucas.  Besides the wonderful beaches, there are canyons, old colonial era cities and ruins to see.  All this, as well as the interesting arts and culture that can be experienced in Oaxaca., means that you could spend months traveling through this country and still need more time to see everything it has to offer.

Crossing the Border

To cross the border into Mexico as smoothly as possible, there are certain documents you need to present to the authorities.

The documents you need include:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration documents
  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Valid Mexican auto insurance

If you have a lease or a loan on the vehicle you are driving into Mexico, you require an affidavit from the loan or lease holder authorizing you to drive the vehicle into Mexico

You need to carry photocopies of all these documents which you will need to hand over to the Mexican authorities.  It is recommended that you make multiple copies of these documents.  This ensures that if you are stopped by the authorities, you have sufficient copies to hand to them.

You should check on the costs involved for all these documents.  The information can be obtained online.  You will also need to have a valid credit card to place a deposit which ensures that your car will eventually leave Mexico.

Vehicle Permits

You can purchase your vehicle import permits online or at a consulate, before you go on your trip.  The permits can also be bought at the border.

Buying the Permit Online

It is possible to purchase vehicle import permits online at Banjercito’s website.  Once you have submitted all the relevant information on the website, you will be provided with a pass code.  After one full day and within a period of 15 days of obtaining your pass code, you can go to a local Banjercito to buy your permit.

Obtaining the Permit from a Mexican Consulate

You can obtain a temporary vehicle import permit from Mexican consulates in different cities.  These can be obtained up to six months before your trip.  If you choose this option, you can choose the date the permit will be valid from.

Obtaining the Permit at the Border

Temporary vehicle permits can be bought once you have crossed the border into Mexico.  You will need to use all the required documents to buy the permit at the immigration building.If your intention is to remain within about 20 kilometers of the border (border zone), it will not be necessary to buy these permits.  If you intend going beyond this point, you need to obtain a temporary vehicle import permit and all the travelers in the vehicle require tourist permits.

Mexican Auto Insurance

For you to drive your car legally in Mexico, you need to obtain Mexican car insurance.  This insurance needs to be purchased from a licensed, authorized Mexican insurance company.  Before you purchase auto insurance, you should consider the length of time you intend traveling in Mexico. You can click here to purchase your Mexican insurance policy online.  If you are staying for longer than a month or two, it may be cheaper for you to buy insurance for a full year’s coverage.

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Stacey Schmuck

Some car insurance companies does not offer the satisfaction to a customer, be that as may, food is something everyone loves to eat specially if you like Mexican, be sure to get Mexican insurance so directs you to the right stops on your way to Mexico.

Emerald Natoli

Pre plan your things for a holiday trip to Mexico, get all the authentic papers and Mexican insurance so it they help you out in case of accident and emergency.

Shani Kelleher

It is possible your motor vehicle will cause trouble during your trip to Mexico however Mexican insurance is always there to help 24/7.

Lakia Chirico

Make reservations for your friends and families for an exciting trip to Mexico online similarly apply for Mexican insurance as well to claim your vehicle.

Chuck Spore

Towing anything extra with your vehicle might get you in trouble while making plans for Mexico for off roading however Mexican insurance can make your trip more feasible.

Rodolfo Ahl

Mexican insurance should be the top priority for every traveler as you will likely get into serious accident or might need help urgently.

Odell Gee

Get a good sleep before heading out for Mexico, plus insure your vehicle from Mexico car insurance to prove your identity when crossing the border.

Michale Locklear

Good communication is essential while crossing Mexican border, so its better to have Mexican auto insurance, which also helps in behalf of you authenticating your visit to Mexico.

Maricruz Curley

If you think getting Mexican auto insurance at the border points is convenient, know that you are yet to experience the real convenience. I used to think so until I was introduced to online Mexican auto insurance by my cousin.

Stephane Battles

There is a time I thought I had made the best deal from a broker just across the border for Mexico auto insurance. It took me a click online to realize that I had been fleeced. Get the best quote by going online.

Svetlana Mccrary

Though you won’t be prompted by Mexican authorities at the border point to present proof of your cover, know this is your own personal responsibility that needs no prodding.

Jayne Belmont

Roads going to Rocky Point are not all in good condition. Usually, travelers can see on-going construction that can lead to accidents. Keep safe your trip by having Mexico insurance.

Gregg Arrowsmith

With various destinations from the city to the beaches, Mexico is the right place for vacation spots. Sometimes, it’s not easy where to go because of those diverse options.

Hannelore Ryles

Choose a destination you feel comfortable with. Most destinations are really safe for adventure and accommodations.

Jarrett Runkle

It’s a common practice that once you crossed the border and gone some distance, you will undergo some sort of Mexican military checkpoints.

Karina Ruppel

The many people crossing the border on a daily basis are not easy to deal with. Mexico law requires every driver to have car insurance before crossing the border.

Vince Swihart

Skipping your Mexico insurance is not good if you’re driving a car. In fact, no one is permitted to drive except they’re covered and have the rights to drive in Mexico.

Ellie Dewey

Mexican insurance is significant for driving in Mexico the legal way. In addition to car insurance, a passport is equally important before accessing the border.

Carmelo Plante

Your Canadian car insurance isn’t valid after entering the border of Mexico. It guarantees nothing and you can even end up inside the jail.


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