Drive To Rocky Point, Mexico For A Fantastic Break

April 30, 2014
Michael Ryan

Travel to Mexico
Rocky Point, or Puerto Peñasco is around a four or five drive from Phoenix.  This depends on the section of Phoenix you are travelling from, the time of day that you are travelling and your method of driving.
You should remain alert to travel warnings when you travel to Mexico.  This often happens if there are problems on the roads and checking on these alerts could save you a lot of travel time and frustration.

To travel to Rocky Point, you need to take certain items with you.  You also need certain paperwork for your return to the U.S.  You should ensure that you have a valid passport or a valid passport card with you.  You should carry your vehicle registration documents with you.  If the vehicle you are using to travel is not in your name, you need permission from the owner to use it, as well as the registration papers.  If the vehicle is on lease, you need to obtain permission from the loan holder to take the vehicle across the border.

A very important consideration you must take care of before you leave for Mexico is Mexican auto insurance.  Your American car insurance is not valid in Mexico.  You can obtain Mexican car insurance online or at the border post, but this is not recommended.  Buying your auto insurance at the border will cost you much more than buying it online. You can click here for a hassle-free way to purchase the best Mexican auto insurance policy there is.

Do not simply go for the cheapest option available.  Many people choose liability only insurance and if they are involved in a serious accident while in Mexico, find themselves in a predicament, both financially and legally.  Unlike in America, if you are involved in a serious auto accident in Mexico, you are presumed to be guilty.  You may have to spend time in lock-up while the accident is investigated and guilt is proven.  If you are involved in a fatal accident, it could cost you a lot of money if you are not adequately insured.

You should confirm that your auto insurance policy includes theft from the vehicle.  You may experience theft from your vehicle the same as you would anywhere in the world.  Make sure that you are covered and do not leave expensive items in an unattended vehicle.

If you make sure that you have all the required documents, including adequate Mexican car insurance, you can enjoy the beauty of Rocky Point.  This area is still growing as a holiday destination.  It offers hotels, RV parks, golf courses and a host of clubs and restaurants.  There are several timeshare resorts and many Americans have chosen to invest in the area and are purchasing either time share or beach condos.

The activities you can partake in on the beach are plentiful.  You can go scuba diving, snorkel sailing, try your hand at fishing or spend your time whale watching during the winter months.

The drive to Rocky Point from Phoenix may be a long one, but you will pass through some stunning desert areas before you hit the beautiful beaches.

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Eva Graden

You can get your insurance package as per your planned stay in Mexico, which is one of the best thing Mexican insurance store made available for its customer. As safety comes first for everyone.

Maryanna Romeo

It’s a requirement for every driver to buy Mexican auto insurance as you may suffer a serious charge if you get into an accident even though its not your fault.

Morgan Barrios

Why not travel down south to the land of turkeys to offer Thanksgiving to the people who own this great heritage?

Drusilla Reay

Nothing can be more reliable while driving in Mexico than having Mexico insurance. It makes things not only protected by easier as well.

Amie Sokol

Yes! The country of Mexico has everything to offer—beautiful beaches, odd jungles and colonial towns. It’s not a regret taking a vacation in Mexico.

Gerry Afanador

Rocky Point is the nearest stunning beach to Phoenix. Many Arizona residents are driving across the border to reach the beaches in Rocky Point.

Harley Edmisten

If buying Mexican insurance can take your car to Rocky Point, then it’s all worth it. Spending a couple of nights with someone is something worth remembering for the rest of your life.

Elfreda Witte

Mexico is obviously an affordable country for taking vacations. Anyone can comfortably drive their car to reach Mexico. Make sure you drive with Mexican car insurance.

Kemberly Christenson

If your trip needs long hours of driving, make a stop over to give rest to your vehicle. It matters that your car can pause, too, from driving.


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