Traveling To Mexico During Hurricane Season

April 21, 2014
Michael Ryan

Travel to Mexico
The advantages to travelling to Mexico during the hurricane season are that there are normally fewer crowds and you should be able to find fantastic deals for accommodation.   The hurricane season is from June to November, but most of the hurricanes happen from August to October.  Areas such as the Yucatan Peninsula, Pacific coast and the Gulf coast are often affected when Mexico experiences tropical storms and hurricanes.

Although it may be a time to save money if you take a trip during this season, you should remain aware of the dangers of travelling during this time.  A hurricane could ruin your holiday completely.  If you make the decision to travel to one of the wonderful beach destinations in Mexico, you should lower your risks by taking some precautions.

Before You Travel

Before you leave on your trip, you should buy travel insurance.  This will ensure that you are covered in the event you are caught up in a hurricane and need to terminate your trip.  Before you make a final decision on the policy, read the document to make sure that you will indeed be covered during a hurricane.

Check with the resort or hotel where you are going to stay to determine if they have a hurricane guarantee.  Find out exactly what the terms of their policy are.You should register your trip with the embassy representing your country.  If there is a severe hurricane, they can offer assistance as they will know that you are in the country.

Check the weather for a few days before your trip

Provide your family and close friends with a detailed itinerary of your trip so that they know exactly where you are at any particular time.

An important task you have to do before you leave for Mexico is to buy Mexican insurance.  It is illegal to travel on Mexican roads without it.  Your current American or Canadian insurance is not valid in Mexico.  You can go online and do a comparison of all the providers to ensure that you obtain the most suitable policy for your needs.  It is advisable that you opt for a comprehensive policy if you intend travelling during the hurricane season.  In the event that you are involved in an accident, you will have the peace of mind that your damages and that of any third parties will be covered.

Carry copies of your Mexican vehicle insurance and travel insurance with you at all times.  The documents you receive from your insurance provider will provide you with contact details in the event of an accident or if you wish to make a claim.

Avoid Hurricanes

There are ways in which you can avoid hurricanes.  You can choose to travel at a different time of year to avoid a hurricane.  The inland regions are safer to visit during this period, so you can opt to visit one of the spectacular colonial cities, rather than the beach resorts.

Traveling to Mexico during the hurricane season does not mean that you will actually encounter a hurricane.  It does not happen every year between specific months.  You should ensure that you have adequate travel and Mexican car insurance in the event of a disaster. You may click here to purchase a Mexican insurance policy. This will ensure that you have adequate coverage to allow you to return home safely.

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Janay Ridley

Providing excellent coverage and help throughout the way, Mexico insurance has definitely made its name worthy.

Genesis Devlin

Hurricane can really pelt your vehicle with debris collected on its move. It could also sweep your car, hitting it against obstacles. Mexican auto insurance is the safest way to ensure that ensuing damages are fully covered.

Delmar Bandy

Travelling light makes you more flexible. However, it must not make you overlook important things such as GPS, Passport, car insurance and others.

William Diehm

A car wreck in Mexico can be a legal issue with their Napoleonic law principles and this is where Mexican insurance comes in handy.

Linden Gray

This is what helps you keep out of jail because you can’t pay damages.

Myron Dejonge

Minor accidents can get Mexico traffic officers excited. Mexico insurance offers legal assistance thru their bilingual representative in these kinds of situations.

Enrique Addis

After the humid and hot summer in Mexico, Cancun starts to cool down during the month of October where temperatures are no longer hot and rainfalls are expected.

Jessi Scull

While most tourists go to Mexico to escape from cold weather, there are some reasons why they visit this city during summertime.

Marquetta Barksdale

To avoid any unnecessary issues, be ready of your documents beforehand. Trip becomes easy if the car insurance for Mexico you need is handy.

Merri Kleve

Traveling without Mexican insurance is the riskiest thing to do. No protection, no security, no help. Worst if you end up in a jail.

Matilda Bean

Traveling to Mexico this rainy season? It’s important to include Mexican insurance coverage for storms. Regardless of the weather, you can rely on this in case of damages caused by strong rains and winds.

Loida Ingle

Still, the best policy and best price for Mexico insurance is accessible online. On the contrary, you can’t find this at the border. The fees are much higher and the policies cover less.

Hermelinda Ochsner

I want to figure out how much is Mexico car insurance. Is it true that policies go with certain packages such as annually, 6 months or daily?

Cicely Valdivia

It’s essential to avoid too much sun exposure, particularly at times where ultraviolet rays are most dangerous. Mexico auto insurance is required remember.

Norberto Slack

A sudden accident is enough to ruin your Mexico vacation. Don’t allow it to happen. Mexican insurance coverage is affordable and easy to buy. 


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